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Yesterday while doing my daily wanderings around the world weird web in search of some most interesting rewind-inclined material, I happened across an extremely radical and hyper-rare retro video game and VHS mash-up that’ll make a collector of either persuasion’s jaw drop: The still-sealed MOONWALKER VHS / Cartridge Gift Set released for the Sega Master System! Originally found via the feed of @segacollect on Instagram, another online source pointed out that though the Moonwalker VHS is indeed in PAL format, the actual MOONWALKER game cartridge is in NTSC format.





There it be, Tapeheads! What a radical rarity, huh? You know we hee-hee can dig it!





After I posted this bad boy on the Lunchmeat Instagram account, however, James AKA @segacollect also informed us that Sega Master System is a region-free console and a few NTSC games were commonly found in Britain, so the combo makes a bit more sense in that regard, but ultimately, this is undoubtedly one radically rare collectible for both Tapeheads and Sega Kids alike. And that’s pretty groovy, man.



Any of you Videovores out there know of any other outstanding video game / VHS mash-ups?! VHShout ’em out in the comments below, dudes!




Groove and Groove and Moonwalk it, Man.

Josh Schafer

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