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Grady Hendrix has made a name for himself within the world of fiction authors with his unique takes on traditional horror tropes, but his approach to book design has proven to be equally as distinctive. His 2014 haunted house novel, Horrorstor, was designed to look like an IKEA catalog in order to complement its setting: a haunted big box furniture store (called ORSK, ‘cuz, ya know, trademarks and stuff).





The totally killer rewind-inclined cover art for MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM, coming soon to paperback from Quirk Books! 




Hendrix’s latest novel, My Best Friend’s Exorcism, his foray into the possession genre, is set in a 1980s high school against the backdrop of the satanic panic. The hardcover edition came out last year and featured a fairly conventional cover design. This week, however, Quirk Books revealed the paperback cover, and it’s oozing with some most bodacious VHStyle, man! Offering a decided nod to the templated releases of Key Video, the primary art comes from Australian artist Hugh Fleming, and it’s absolutely perfect, from the cool pastel color palette, all the way to the “Be Kind Please Rewind” sticker. It’s enough to make any Tapehead say, “MMMMMM, Gim’me dat!”



The paperback edition is available for pre-order via Amazon (it’s the standard cover pictured, but you’ll receive the radical rewind-inclined cover!) and will be released July 11th. Groove on over and grab it up, Videvores. Your book shelf will thank you.



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