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Make no mistake about it: Gorgon Video is OG analog era elite. The mesmerizing Medusa logo, the heavy-hitting horror and exploitation titles and the overarching influence through years of renting and rewinding have embedded the Gorgon into every self-respecting Videovore’s gourd forevermore. And now, almost out of nowhere, the former video era giant is rising from the grave and getting ready to invade your VCRs once again. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and prepare to be VHStoned by the gaze of the Gorgon!











Still one of the most analog awesome logos of all-time. We’re glad to have ya back, Magnetic Medusa. Now gimme’ some of those tapes!











Gorgon Video is legendary when it comes to fringe home video culture. Tell us about the essence of the re-launch and who’s behind it all.



With the re-launch of Gorgon Video, we have a really solid team that has been with MPI (Gorgon’s parent company) for years. We’re all horror fans; we’re all collectors; and most of all, we are all very sincere in what we’re doing with the label. We actually created the motion graphic for Gorgon back in the 80s, and we have archived all of its material dating back 30+ years and now we’re hand picking every little detail that goes into a release or product. It’s something that all of us have been wanting to do for a while.











Panic US MPI Gorgon Video VHS

A slice of the old-school Gorgon glory that we all admire. Image courtesy of the groovy blog Cinema Arcana run by rad dude Bruce Holecheck.









As you mentioned, the Gorgon brand is owned by MPI / Dark Sky, and it’s been attached to particular projects over the past few years, notably the House of the Devil promo VHS (which is now available again), the Faces of Death DVD re-issues and most recently the Death Spa Blu-Ray. With this full re-boot of the brand, are we to expect more media of all persuasions, or is this a VHS-centric re-animation?



Yes, definitely all persuasions. As times change and media evolves, we’re keeping up with the times and doing blu-ray where we can and DVD, of course, but the heart of Gorgon will remain VHS. The label was founded off of the video market and it just feels right to release those big, clunky clamshell cases with the incredible hand-drawn, detailed art once again. For anyone who is kicking themselves over tossing away their old collection, we want to bring it back and have that nostalgic feeling once again.










The HOUSE OF THE DEVIL VHS is again available right hurr, mang. Who knew?!









Faces of Death is an absolute staple in the annals of video era history, and it looks like you’re planning to bring those all back with a video vengeance. Please, tell us you’re planning on doing a VHS re-issue… and if so, can you give us any specs? Big box? Clamshell? Extras?!



Absolutely. I honestly don’t think you can bring back Gorgon without bringing back Faces of Death. It seems like everyone who hears “Gorgon Video” or sees the logo remembers us from Faces of Death. It’s so great talking to people about it because everyone has their own personal “Yeah, I used to rent that out of this dingy basement video store and watch it when my parents went to bed” type story. I can’t give too many specifics on the release just yet, mainly because we’re really spending a lot of time and sincerity on those films to give them a solid release. We’re also throwing around a few ideas of how to make the Faces of Death audience more involved in the release, so we’ll keep you posted! How’s that for a teaser?











More video era visions of rental shop radness from the mighty Gorgon. This one is absolutely essential. A-duh! Image courtesy of the most groovy VHSplatter!









Dig it! What else can we expect from the Gorgon re-animation?  I see t-shirts and other goodies are available, but what about the titles on deck? Re-issues of older titles? More Gorgon Video Magazine? That would be amazing.



We plan on doing quite a bit of re-issues of the older titles. Our first release was Death Spa, which was actually an original production from MPI so that one was a bit near and dear to us. Next up is Evils of the Night, which besides being a totally strange, campy fun flick, it has just about the coolest artwork ever. And we all remember renting those films just by looking at the cover. Plan on seeing a new Gorgon release every couple of months. Besides the films themselves, we’re also venturing out into some merch and collectible items.












More video vindication on the way from Gorgon! As their website states, it’s MADE WITH REAL VHS. That made me LOL.











There are so many Tapeheads out there that are beyond pumped about Gorgon coming back, but with this ostensibly meteoric rise of VHS appreciation and celebration, there are some out there that see this as a cash-in on the culture. What are your thoughts on that?



I can see where they’re coming from, but we want people to know that we are genuine in what we do. Gorgon was built on the idea of giving people what they wanted to see. With that said, now seems like a great time to resurrect Gorgon Video. I think a lot of the horror audience is tired of the remakes, the sequels, the new stuff in general, so this whole VHS boom is more of just going back to our roots, what made us happy. And if people like it, all the better.











The Gorgon tote bag is just one of the awesome pieces of apparel they’ve got groovin. Check out the entire assembly RIGHT HURR.











Speaking of, what do you think of the overall VHS culture that’s bubbled up and over in the past several years?



To us, more VHS tapes are better than no VHS tapes. We welcome it back and hope it stays around.







Why do you think it’s important to keep VHS around and unreeling?



VHS gives off a certain feeling and emotion to a viewer. It’s gritty, it’s imperfect, it’s real. For anyone who lived during the era of VHS, we know how much the film industry has changed. Most films now are polished and overdone. Sometimes in order to progress, you have to go back to the basics.











The DEATH SPA VHS from Gorgon! You want it?! Find out how to win below! GROOVY GIVEAWAYS 5EVA!









Anything else you’d like to say to all the Tapeheads eyeballin’ the slice o’ analog obsessed internet?



We’re just really excited to see that people still hold interest in Gorgon Video! We just went live with our new site- www.gorgon-video.com where we’ll be giving you glimpses into the world of Gorgon in our blog. We have some videos and clips from our vault, some pictures of original paintings that were used for cover art as well as updates on new releases and items. We want to keep this re-launch very personal and show you what’s on the table.









You don’t gotta tell us twice! I’m sure Tapeheads the world over will stay tuned and glued to the brand new Gorgon Video re-animation (im)patiently awaiting the slew of upcoming analog excellence! And be sure to groove on over to the site right now to check out all the radical Gorgon reincarnations from back patches to t-shirts to lapel pins! YES! Wait, what’s that? You wanna win a copy of the brand-spankin’ new Death Spa VHS?! Well, here’s your chance! Just comment down below with what’s in your VCR right now, and which titles YOU would like to see Gorgon bring back to your VCR! A winner will be chosen at random on July 18th, 2014 and rewarded with re-animated video bliss! DIG IT!



Groove and Groove and Comment for a Chance at Gratis Goodie Glory.

Josh Schafer


  1. In my VCR: Ed Wood’s classique BRIDE OF THE MONSTER

    As fir what they should release, why not THE GREAT ALLIGATOR, one of Sergio Martino’s best flicks.

  2. Jason Lei Howden says:

    In my VCR right now: Wormeaters!

  3. mikey stice says:

    Currently in the ol’ deck is Hell High (Prism slipcase release.) I’d love to see Devil in the House of Exorcism and Dracula’s Great Love re-released. Gorgon Video voot voot!

  4. In my VCR right now is a copy of Fastlane Fever that I found at a goodwill. Its full of good aussie racing.

    Gorgon should release Attack of the Beast Creatures!

  5. Nick Rohrbaugh says:

    In my VCR is Hostage Officer Survival – I want to see the (impossible to find) MPI slip of A Night to Dismember reincarnated as a Gorgon clam!!! Plus posters of the original artwork they’ve been pulling out of the archives, no text needed – Death Dream, Frankenstein ’80, NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES??!? Gorgon needs to team up with Lunchmeat to do a special release of Night of the Bloody TAPE APES!

  6. Juan Sanchez says:

    I just got Bleeding Skull’s release of CARDS OF DEATH today, but the most recent tape I saw was the Godfrey Ho flick NINJA THE PROTECTOR. The only Gorgon tape I ever saw was FACES OF DEATH (which already has plans for release). I just found out they released MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH back in the day, so that would be dope to see again…

  7. Killer interview man. Can’t wait to see what other stuff Gorgon is going to unleash, especially with this Faces of Death re-(re?)-release.

    As for what in my VCR right at this moment, Rambo First Blood Part 2. As for what I want to see come back, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things. A straight up classic.

  8. In my VCR “Gestspos Last Orgy”
    I would like to see Ghoulies reissued on VHS

  9. Ry Frazier says:

    I’ve currently got a copy of Halloween II in my VCR. As per usual.

    In terms of re-releases, I’d go mad for Frankenstein ’80.

  10. In my VCR is Creature of the Walking Dead. And I’d like to see DEVILS come to VHS or EL TOPO. Booya.

  11. Currently in my vcr: Cards of Death. Gorgon title I’m most hoping they rerelease: Andy Milligan’s Legacy of Horror (aka Legacy of Blood)

  12. In my VCR a pseudo-documentary called Hollywood Nights.
    And I’d like to see a re-release of The Great Alligator, although
    close runner up would be Bay Of Blood because the clamshell
    art is so unbelievably RAD!

  13. Jacob Breuer says:

    It’s very exciting to know that GORGON is working on more VHS releases.
    Right now, I have Ryan Nicholson’s FAMINE in my VCR.
    I would like to see GORGON release BLOOD DINER on VHS.
    Thank you for doing this great giveaway!

  14. In the VCR: Land Of The Minotaur cushing madness! Gorgon being back is awesome! I’d like to see them re-release Bay Of Blood and Blood Spattered Bride again those are my fav 2 of the old ones! :)

  15. In my VCR right now is MADMAN.
    I would love to see come back to VHS is Killer Party, or Fade To Black, and Trick Or Treat.

  16. Chris shelton says:

    Mondo Trasho in the VCR, and i’d dig True Gore or any Death File movie getting a legit release

  17. Ricky Coppula says:

    Nightmare (the tape that goes along with the video board game) is in my VCR (I love that game). I think it would be awesome if they released a blu ray set for the Faces of Death series.

  18. Brad luck says:

    A rental copy of wrestle mania 10 with the cover cut up and taped into a clam shell

  19. Right now in my vcr is My Pet Monster.

    As far as what i’d like to see Gorgon rerelease, The Forgotten for sure!

  20. Chris Roberts says:

    In my VCR right now: Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child unrated cut.
    I’d love to see Black Devil Doll From Hell.

  21. Vince Tasso says:

    In my VCR right now is tape Metallica Binge and Purge tape 1 and I think a re release of Horror Hospital would be nice to get my hands on or maybe Tower of Evil

  22. The VHS tape I have in my VCR right now is Walt Disney’s POLLYANNA. I feel glad when I watch it. I watch the movie regularly, if not daily.
    The movie I would like to see re-released would be GORGON VIDEO MAGAZINE. Let’s bring the video magazine back, folks! I miss the video mix tapes and video magazines.

  23. David Myers says:

    so I am watching night of the blood ape and I would like to see a rerelease of faces of death on vhs at least 1&2

  24. In my VCR – The Wild Wild World of Jane Mansfield. Would like to see ??? You tell me.

  25. Colin Wykle says:

    I’d love see a re release of Frankenstein ’80. In my VCR is The Oblong Box

  26. Derek Smith says:

    Currently in my VCR? Lilo and Stitch. Before that? Motel Hell.

  27. Brian Labuda says:

    In my VCR right now is Toxic Zombies on videatrics! Love everything about this release. The awkward size box along with that awesome cover art screams pure vintage lunacy!

  28. Earl Kess says:

    Goodwill score – Killer Bats with Bela Lugosi. VCR has the wavys I need to clean some heads!

  29. Erin says:

    In my VCR: Scream For Help. What I’d like to see Gorgon re-release: Edge of the Axe.

  30. Jason OD says:

    Confessions of a Serial Killer is in my VCR and I’d really like to see the old Gorgon Video Magazine rereleased!! This contest turns my Weiner into stone

  31. Heather says:

    In my VCR right now is The Changeling (1980)! I’m beyond stoked that Gorgon has been resuscitated. Doris Wishman is my shit, so A Night to Dismember would make me even happier than seeing that you just rereleased Death Spa which I’ve wanted for a very long time. Thank you!!

  32. in the deck right now is Python II, because I have a soft spot for giant snake movies and I watched the first part yesterday. as for releases i’d like to see, i’d say go with whatever you think you can do the best work with in terms of packaging and presentation because on any reissue titles its going to be a balancing act between giving people what they’re familiar with and giving them something new and fresh.

  33. eric fredrich says:

    Just watched peewees big adventure…a 1985 CLASSIC. would love to see DEATH SPA on a classy new gorgon clam especially since it was only a slip before. Kudos on keeping the original art!!

  34. James Harris says:

    In the VCR Beyond the Door II. Research for Italian Horror Week July 11th and for the upcoming Exorcast discussion.

  35. In the VCR right now, none other than the Great Skycopter Rescue…Jimmy Jet lives!
    Is it too much to hope that they finally release the fabled Gorgon Video Magazine Volume 2? or any other volumes? or just relaunch the whole concept all together? Gimme them clip and mix tapes all day.

  36. In my VCR is Taste the Blood of Dracula. I’d like to see them re-release Massacre at Central High

  37. Currently in the deck: Killing Machine from Sybil Danning’s Adventure Video

    I’d love to see Gorgon put out The Great Alligator and Night of the Bloody Apes

  38. Matthew Reel says:

    In my VCR right now is Image of the Beast. Glad to see Gorgon back!

  39. Eric Martin says:

    In the deck is The Thin Blue Line. Definitely wish they would release Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things.

  40. tom rogers says:

    Great interview josh!

  41. Seth G. says:

    Well the last thing that was in my deck was The Burning on the glorious Thorn/EMI. Although it doesn’t show as much gore as the Blu/DVD combo I still prefer this release because its analog and who in their right mind don’t dig analog. The titles I would like to see are Massacre at Central High, if the rights are still in their grasps, Night of The Bloody Apes, and Death Dream with that killer art, but I’m sure Blue Underground still has the rights. BTW very stoked about Death Spa :) !!!!!

  42. In the deck right now is Razorback (Warner clam). GO GORGON GO!! VHStoked to see them back!!

  43. Cody Cook says:

    In my VCR right now: Video Violence. I want to see some rare and hard to find re-releases please!

  44. Can Schwarz says:

    Graduation Day on VHS has happen at least 1 or 2 times a year.

  45. Just finished rewatching NIGHT OF THE DEMON.. A lot more fun than I expected it to be. Nice to see you guys ” back in action”. I hope you guys revive GORGON VIDEO MAGAZINE. With all the horror releases out there, it could make a great bi-monthly video bulletin of new films and behind the scenes to whet our appetites.

  46. Jesse Gable says:

    In my VCR: SPLIT SECOND, starring Rutger Hauer. What I would like to see on VHS again: Commando Squad or The Borrowers. They are extremely hard to come by

  47. Whitey Mack says:

    Currently in the deck is the Media release of “Basketcase”… What would I like to see Gorgon Home Video release? Definitely “Cannibal Holocaust” or if they were to wanting to re-release one of their oldies? “Night of the Bloody Apes”

  48. Chris Bowen says:

    Currently in my deck is SOLAR FORCE! I’d like to see a Night of the Bloody Apes re-release if at all possible!

  49. fetalguese88 says:

    In my vcr now – The Night Flier

    ..I would love to see a Gorgon acquire rights to re-release Videodrome in epic fashion. No film deserves a definitive vhs release than it.

  50. Mike Keel says:

    Savage Intruder is in the VCR and I really don’t know what I would really want then to re release! haha

  51. Permanently living in our old school Top Loader is our fav the infamous “Faces of Death II!! I’d personally love to see Brutes and Savages get a proper clamshell re release.

  52. Mark Demise says:

    So great you guys are doing this. Would really love to see Death Dream re release as well. Such an under rated classic.

  53. Billy says:

    In my VCR right now is JR Bookwalter’s ZOMBIE COP.
    As far as what I would like Gorgon to bring back for my VCR, I’d say DEATH DREAM.

  54. Bryan Imes says:

    Currenly in my VCR is Killer Commandos
    I would love to see them bring back The Great Alligator, or Panic!

  55. Right now ive got a mixtape of music vids and live videos in my deck. I’d love to see a rerelease of children shouldnt play with dead things. Super stoked about the comeback of gorgon!

  56. In my deck I have the magnum entertainment release of nail gun massacre.

  57. In my VCR = The Delta Force. I would love to see A Night to Dismember on vhs

  58. Brad Bruner says:

    Its about time Gorgon resurfaced, been awhile since yall released House of the devil. Its great Gorgons back in the market, looking forward to seeing all these future releases. Right now I got Demon Wind in the ole vcr, would love to see a sick reissue of Frankenstien 80 and bay of blood, by far two of the coolest Gorgon releases!

  59. Chris Sink says:

    In the vcr right now: House by the Cemetery.
    Of course I would LOVE to see the Faces of Death series re-issued!!

  60. Josh Hadley says:

    I still have my Gordon Video Magazine…. love Gorgon video.

  61. Chris Gusta says:

    The Man Who Fell to Earth is in my vcr right now. I would love to see a re-release of Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker!

  62. Erik says:

    Currently I have the MST3K version of Eegah in my vcr. I would like to see Gorgon bring back Gorgon Video Magazine and of course Faces of Death.

  63. A VHS dub of the work tape of Fear Panic and censorship aired on UK TV 2002
    Dig Gorgon video man!

  64. Shawn Percy says:

    In my VCR right now is ‘Master Ninja’ and ‘Are You Being Served? Vol. 3’ (i’m currently using a Go Video dual deck). i’d appreciate any Gorgon title be re-released but if i must be specific then i’d like to see ‘Faces of Death Part Two’.

  65. BlueBloodAngeleno says:

    In my VCR: Gator Bait
    Gorgon: Horror Hospital

  66. wanda says:

    in my vcr: waterworld

  67. pudgym29 says:

    Most of my VHS videocassettes are explicit porn, but the last tape I actually viewed (Sylvania VHS Hi-Fi 6260VF) was "Alvin & The Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein" (Universal 83646). I can’t wait for Gorgon to release "Evils Of The Night", because that’s the regular movie with porn stars Jerry Butler and Amber Lynn. 3=))

  68. Jay says:

    In my VCR , home recorded 3 Stooges episodes.

    What I’d want to see released by Gorgon, Bay of Blood.


    I really need this.

  70. Laume Conroy says:

    In my VCR: Night Of The Bloody Apes.

  71. Last thing in my VCR was The Creeps. I can’t wait for all the Faces of Death reissues!

  72. The Wizard of Speed and Time is in the vcr right now, and I’d love to see someone rerelease The Peanut Butter Solution or The Blue Yonder

  73. Drew Mead says:

    What’s in my VCR right now? A little forgotten gem of shit cinema called Limp Fangs. ..and What do I want to see Gorgon bring back? Night Of The Bloody Apes would be fun. Perhaps they could get the rights to The American Scream and finally give it a proper release (the 80’s horror comedy I mean)..Also wondering when we’ll see that remake of Faces of Death..

  74. Walter says:

    in my VCR: Killer Workout (aka Aerobicide). Would love to see Gorgon bring back Kiss of the Tarantula

  75. Dan Tabor says:

    What’s in my VCR now? Cards of Death, and I would love Gorgon to revisit the Faces of Death films.

  76. Sorry, I forgot about this: IN MY VCR: YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. I would like to see Faces of Death.

  77. Jeff Keith says:

    In my VCR is Graveyard Shift. Any Gorgon title but Death Dream specifically.

  78. In my VCR: The Muthers

    What I’d like to see reissued: The complete filmography of Fred Olen Ray

  79. jon yates says:

    In my VCR: The Beast Within, which I haven’t watched since childhood, and which prompted my asking my mom what a cicada is, what rape is, and how a woman could be raped by a cicada. Suffice to say, my renting privileges were suspended for quite some time.

    As for Gorgon, I’d love a copy of Night of the Bloody Apes- the skeezy atmosphere and sub-mondo heart surgery footage is like a bottle of Jolt Cola to a twelve year old- sends me into the stratosphere of nerddom into nigh-religious fits of cinematic ecstacy!

  80. shane says:

    In my VCR right now is “The Crazies” I would love to see the original “Faces of Death” re issued. Gorgon Video brings back so many good memories of my childhood – of staring at those tapes and wishing I was old enough to rent them myself.

  81. Chris Seaver says:

    IN MY VCR: Todd Cook’s Death Metal Zombies

    What I would like Gorgon to release-Both volumes of the Gorgon Video Magazine. I have pretty roughed up versions of them, it would be fantastic to get solid “clean” releases of them. Super stoked Gorgon’s back!

  82. An amazing classic from my childhood: A Goofy Movie.

  83. Brenin says:

    Currently in my VCR is HIGHWAY TO HELL. I would like to see Gorgon Video release the sasquatchploitation classic, NIGHT OF THE DEMON!

  84. Tim Fife says:

    In my VCR now is Psycho-Rama. Would love a re-issue of Blood Splattered Bride with that great cover!

  85. jimmy buttons says:

    Summer Camp Nightmare in the VCR. wanna see Gorgon put out some cult/shot-on-video madness from the 80s.

  86. IN MY VCR right now is Equinox.
    I would love for you guys to put out some trashy exploitation such as Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker or Poor White Trash..etc!!!
    Great to see an VHS company coming back in a big way. Who said Video was Dead?

  87. J Espana says:

    We’ve got Multiple Maniacs molesting our VCR over here. I’d also like to see a reissue of Faces of Death for the same reasons already stated. Those gnarly looking reapers would always call out to me as a child at the local video joint. Panicked, afraid, I would bask in their grisly glory. Even if I couldn’t rent them. They were the holy grail of taboo in my childhood.

  88. What’s in my VCR? Monkey Shines!
    What should Gorgon put out? Ozploitation!!!!!!!!!

  89. Wesley says:

    In my VCR The Pit.
    I want to see them Release the pit. Needs a proper release…. Great flicks

  90. In my VCR right now is TORCHED by Ryan Nicholson (part of the box set release by Vultra Video). I know Gorgon didn’t release this, but I would KILL for a vhs re-release of The Executioner aka Massacre Mafia Style!

  91. Currently I’m watching my 2 recent vhs finds.. the rare Media shark movie Tinterera and Horror Show aka House 3. I wanna see a blu ray release of Blood Rage or Rocktober Blood. Actually both!

  92. Adam Taylor says:

    In the deck: Shivers (Cronenberg)
    What I want released: Bay of Blood, of course! A reversible cover would be cool too, please.

  93. Miguel Gomez says:

    Last rocked was the Aussie flick NEXT OF KIN and I would love to see BLOOD LAKE get a sweet release in case my very watched tape every goes! Or to see William Friedkin’s THE GUARDIAN come back in print!

  94. I currently have the Japanese cult classic Hausu sitting in the deck.
    I would love to see Gorgon Video rerelease their slipcase of Twitch of the Death Nerve and give it the clamshell treatment as well.

  95. I currently have the Japanese cult classic Hausu sitting in my deck.
    I would like to see Gorgon Video rerelease their slipcase of Twitch of the Death Nerve as a clamshell.

  96. In the VCR now the oracle. What is like to see re-released Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things.

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