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As the existence of real-live brick and mortar video stores continues to decline into an inevitable and unfortunate extinction, it accentuates the importance for historical documentation of the inimitably fun and interactive atmosphere of vintage video rental stores. We recently featured the following video from Growing Up 80s and 90s on some Lunchmeat VHSocial media, but we thought it proper to stick it right here on the blog so more Lunchmeat Land regulars can take a peek through this absolutely radical video window that features the tape-lined guts of a classic small town video store in Rochester, MN called Valhalla Video, circa 1991.







The video, which was shot on VHS (most righteous!), offers an informative look at some of the more popular rentals for Valhalla Video, a handful of light and fun VHS reviews, and a spectacular tour of the video store in its entirety. Pretty rad, huh, Videovores? You’re damn VHSkippy.



Lunchmeat tosses up some righteous high-fives to Scott for making this video way back in 91, and capturing the essence of so many other video stores of its kind. As long as videos like these exist, the spirit of VHS rental stores can never really die, man. And that’s pretty groovy.





Mullets, movie rentals and more! This video just rules, Tapeheads.





So, any of you Tapeheads out there have any links to some bitchin’ videos featuring a vintage rental store of yore? Post ‘em up in the comments below! We wanna VHSee those bad boys!!




Groove and Groove and Peep that Back Room.

Josh Schafer


  1. Caleb says:

    Awesome tapeness! I was totally looking for titles and covers I dig when they were showing off the store at the end. Is this the entirety of the video they shot?

    • Lunchmeat says:

      As far as I know this is it! They do say “if you’re taping this from TV” at some point, so this might have been segment on some public access program? Either way, great time capsule for video store culture.

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