LUNCHMEAT and SICK SLICE CINEMA Proudly Present LUTHER'S MIDFRIGHT SNACK Episode 2! Click to Watch and Try to Survive... DESSERT! 
February, 14th 2017 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s finally here, man! If you’re looking for a bodacious date for Valentine’s Day 2017, the LUTHER’S MID-FRIGHT SNACK crew are undoubtedly your dudes! In this newest episode of LMFS (you can catch up on episode one here) you’ll follow Luther VanGross and Josh the Delivery Dude through a sticky-icky, ooey-gooey ridiculous mess of hilarious madness as they choke down some of Rick Spudman’s putrid pastries and try to survive a totally ferocious, sugar-soaked snack attack! Better chew fast, or these mutant munchies are gonna bite you back!

You’ll also encounter Luther’s flat-out freaky Father and hang loose with a sticky marshmallow dude from hell known only as MARSHELLOW! PLUS! A too groovy music video from psych-garage punks CaveWomen! AND MORE, MAN! It’s enough to make you bust a gut while simultaneously exploding your dome! Only one way to find out, though! Open wide and take a bite of the newest episode of LUTHER’S MID-FRIGHT SNACK by CLICKING HERE!


LUNCHMEAT Proudly Presents HOME VIDEO HORRORS: A 2017 Calendar Tribute to Horror VHS Cover Art Featuring Photography by Jacky Lawrence! Limited to 50 Copies! AVAILABLE NOW!

December, 28th 2016 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s almost 2017, Tapeheads, and if you’re looking to kick off this New Year in an absolutely radical rewind-inclined fashion, you’ve come to the right place, man. LUNCHMEAT is proud to present HOME VIDEO HORRORS Vol. 1: a 12-month, full-color 2017 calendar paying tribute to a selection of the most seminal and spectacular slabs of analog horror ever to exist on those video store shelves of yore! It’s limited to just 50 pieces, and it’s available RIGHT NOW! Just clickity-click this here hot link!

Featuring phenomenal photography from artist Jacky Lawrence (of Charming New Society), each month vibrantly celebrates a different video cover, thoughtfully set in a scene reflective of the film’s content!

The date grid for each month is also amped up with groovy celebration indications for an array of special days from National VCR Day to Potato Chip Day to Elvira’s Birthday! What’s more, there’s also a bunch of fun home-video-driven trivia peppered throughout the months! Dig it!

This calendar measures approx. 8.5 X 11 inches closed and 17 x 11 inches opened. Printed on high quality, full-color semi-gloss paper. LIMITED TO 50 PIECES. Grab one on the LUNCHMEAT VHStore before they’re all gobbled up, Videovores! That empty wall space next to all your tapes will thank you!!
Celebrate the gory glory of VHS horror and VHSave the date all year long, Tapeheads!


LUNCHMEAT Offers a Limited Edition VHS Reward for THE TRIAL OF MIKE DIANA Documentary Kickstarter!

November, 2nd 2016 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Groovy news, Videovores! LUNCHMEAT is super-VHStoked to announce that we’ll be teaming up with The Trial of Mike Diana Kickstarer campaign and bring the film to limited edition VHS for 20 lucky Tapeheads! Each VHS reward pack will include an exclusive VHS edition of the film, an HD digital download, the actual Mike Diana case files in digital form, a Holiday E-card and a social media shout-out! And get this: each edition will also include a unique and sickening sketch directly from the hand of Mike Diana as a part of the cover art! These bad boys will ship in unison with the DVD and Blu-Ray releases of The Trial of Mike Diana, which will commence after the film's festival run and traditional distribution! Groove on over and support this righteous slice of cinema and grab this limited edition slab, man! You won't be able to get it anywhere else!



SICK SLICE CINEMA and LUNCHMEAT Proudly Present the Outrageously Radical TV Show LUTHER'S MID-FRIGHT SNACK! Check Out the Premiere Episode RIGHT HERE!

October, 31st 2016 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It's arrived, Videovores! The super-VHSpecial Lunchmeat Halloween Treat for 2016 is now ready to invade your brain! Lunchmeat has teamed up with the ridiculously radical crew over at Sick Slice Cinema to present a weird and wild mix of live-action, puppetry and crazy claymation to create a totally spooktacular TV show unlike any other you've seen before: LUTHER'S MID-FRIGHT SNACK!
You may have caught the Official teaser trailer yesterday, and if you did, we know you’re ready to chew on through this premiere episode and party down with Luther and his crew!! So… HERE IT IS, VIDEOVORES!! We hope you dig!! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PREMIERE, MAN!!



LUNCHMEAT Proudly Presents the Comic Book Documentary INKED: The Art of The Living Corpse on Limited Edition VHS!

October, 26th 2016 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Fans of bodacious brain-munching zombie comic books, this slab's for you! LUNCHMEAT is absolutely VHStoked to collaborate with X Knight Productions and The Living Corpse Crew to present a limited edition VHS release of INKED: The Art of the Living Corpse: a 35 minute independently-produced documentary detailing the complete history of The Living Corpse comic created by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson!

This limited VHS edition is currently available as a reward on the The Living Corpse: Relics Kickstarter campaign (and only three bundles remain!) so you best groove on over and support those totally radical dudes in The Corpse Crew so they can bring their gnarly new mess of blood-soaked pages into your view!

But wait! What happens when those bitchin’ VHS bundles are sold out, dude?! Fear not, fellow Videovores! We've got you covered! Lunchmeat has 15 copies (of the limited to 30 run) ready to roll into your VCR via our official VHStore for just 20 bones! Once these 15 copies are gone, they're total VHiStory, Tapeheads!

Each VHS edition of INKED comes committed to radical blood red videocassettes housed in a large black clamshell with full color artwork complete with an exclusive kiss-cut Living Corpse sticker. And as an extra-special bonus, the back of the artwork will also include a hand-drawn sketch directly from the hands of The Living Corpse creators! Some original, exclusive art and a totally killer analog slab featuring insight on passionate comic book creation? Dig that six feet deep, man. NO BRAINS, NO GAIN!!



LUNCHMEAT Proudly Presents the TUFF TURF - "HUNGER & HAUNT" Video Album on Limited Edition VHS!

October, 5th 2016 - Posted by Josh Schafer

We here at Lunchmeat are absolutely VHStoked to present the full video album for TUFF TURF’s powerfully pulsating and beautifully haunting album “Hunger & Haunt” in a limited edition of 30 copies worldwide.

This video album VHS release for the nihilistic new wave outfit from Atlantic City, NJ will feature all 10-songs from “Hunger & Haunt”, each accompanied by their own unique music video created by TUFF TURF main brain Jeff Richie, offering a complete audio / visual experience imbued with incredible 80s-era authenticity unavailable anywhere else.

The release comes housed in large black clamshells wrapped in retro-styled art, committed to classic black videocassettes, with 5 hand-splattered pink tapes randomly inserted into the run. Cross your fingers, Tapeheads, ‘cause you can’t request ‘em!

Each edition will also include a digital download code, which you’ll receive via coupon within the release. CLICK HERE TO ORDER!!

HEART ON FOR VHS and I BELIEVE IN VHS Limited Edition LUNCHMEAT Enamel Pins Available Tomorrow (11/21/15) in The Meat Market! VHStick ‘em on Ya, Videovores!

November 20th, 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

We know you’ve got a ton of love for the greatest video format to ever exist, so we’re offering all the Tapeheads out there chance to get a Heart On for VHS! VHShow the world your affection for the ultimate analog format in a clean, classic and wonderfully straightforward way with this heart shaped enamel pin! TOO GROOVY! Also, we’re offering up the I BELIEVE IN VHS enamel pin because here in Lunchmeat Land, we believe aliens DO exist, dude… and guess what… they totally believe in VHS! DUH! How do you think they’ve studied humans on back on their home planet all these years! Both of these are soft enamel pins on black metal with a custom LUNCHMEAT logo embossed on the back, delivered to your door on a custom, hand-numbered art card housed in a poly bag. Each design limited to JUST 100 PIECES worldwide and are only available via The Official Lunchmeat VHStore THE MEAT MARKET! CLICK HERE and GROOVE ON ‘EM, MAN! Thanks for all the VHSupport!   

LUNCHMEAT Brings the Lost, Never-Before-Released Shot-on-Video Horror Comedy FRANKENSTEIN (I SWEAR ON MY MOTHER’S EYES) THE TRUE STORY to Limited Edition VHS!! AVAILABLE Oct. 31st 2015 ONLY via LUNCHMEAT in The Meat Market!
October 30th, 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s ANALOG ALIVE, Tapeheads!! Come tomorrow, the barely-ever-seen, never-before-released, long lost SOV movie FRANKENSTEIN (I SWEAR ON MY MOTHER’S EYES) THE TRUE STORY is ready to roll into your VCR!! Strictly limited to just 50 copies worldwide, this Lunchmeat Home Video Entertainment release re-animates the unbelievably obscure made-for-cable 80s oddity starring the great Gary Cohen (Video Violence, Captives) is chock full of cheezy humor, over-the-top performances and too groovy low-budget gore! Committed to Franken-Green videocassettes with super-limited Putrid Purple videocassette inserts and housed in a large black clamshell case with brand-spankin’ new reversible cover art (both covers shown below!), FRANKENSTEIN (I SWEAR ON MY MOTHER’S EYES) THE TRUE STORY also offers exclusive video intros from Josh Schafer of Lunchmeat Magazine and Mr. Gary Cohen himself detailing the history of the flick!

This made-for-TV SOV flick originally aired just ONCE through cable back on Halloween Night in 1983, so in order to celebrate this chunk of indie horror insanity in the most appropriate manner, we’re re-animating it on the very same day 32 years later! DIG IT! After these tapes are gone, they are total VHiStory, Tapeheads! DO NOT miss your chance to experience this utterly amazing and beyond obscure slice of shot-on-video horror history! These slabs go live at 12 noon on Oct 31st, 2015 EXCLUSIVELY on Lunchmeat's Meat Market! Feed your VCR the ultimate Halloween tape treat and party down with your fellow Videovores at Lunchmeat!!


LUNCHMEAT Limited Edition Embroidered Logo Patches are Now Being Served in The Meat Market! GET SOME!

October 2nd, 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

You AXED for ‘em, Tapeheads! Ready to roll and be VHSewn on dang near anything, these Limited Edition Embroidered Lunchmeat Logo patches are available in RED / GRAY and PURPLE / GREEN color variants and measure approximately 4 X 1.25 inches! Limited to 100 pieces for each color, these are available as singles or in a COMBO SAVER BUNDLE! There’s a heat transfer on the back, too, just in case ya don’t wanna mess with that needle and thread! Grab some up and rewind represent, Videovores! Thank you for all the too groovy VHSupport! REWIND OR DIE!


Heads up, Videovores! Limited Edition LUNCHMEAT Threads Now Available for a Very Limited Time Only! The Magnetic Monster Commands You: WEAR ME and REWIND OR DIE! DIG IT!
August 18th 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

He’s here, Tapeheads! The Magnetic Monster dude wants to hang out wiht you! But he’s only here for a limited time, so you just gotta groove on over RIGHT HERE and grab these totally bodacious threads before they’re gone forever! He’s available on purple shirts, tanks and hoodies – pick one, or all three! Get crazy! Hoodie weather approaches, Videovores! Make friends with the Magnetic Monster and keep yourself radically warm through the rewind winter! Illustration by yours truly! These are only available until Thursday, August 27th 2015, and after that, they’re total VHiStory! Don’t miss ‘em!! CLICKITY-CLICK THIS LINK and get totally VHStylin’, Videovores!!


LUNCHMEAT Teams Up with VHS UBER ALLES and SCARECREOW VIDEO at Grand Illusion Cinema in Seattle, WA for a VHS Screening of the 1988 Cult Classic DEMONWARP!

July 20th 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Yes, my fellow Tapeheads, this will be one magnetic magic mind-melter, indeed! If you’re in the Seattle area, do not miss this VHScreening of the totally awesome analog-only brain-bender DEMONWARP! Groove on down to the The Grand Illusion Cinema (address and info HERE!) for a totally analog insane mix of zombies, aliens and a bodacious Bigfoot! It’s all here! There! Everywhere in DEMONWARP! And it’s only $2! DIG IT! Plus, there will be a bunch of groovy LUNCHMEAT giveaways for some lucky Tapeheads in attendance! DOUBLE DIG IT! Visit the VHS UBER ALLES Official Facebook for more info on this most excellent video vindicating event, and remember, Videovores: Keep Cult Flicks Alive – Rewind or Die!!

The LUNCHMEAT and BRIARWOOD ENTERTAINMENT Re-Animation of Len Cella’s Cult Comedy Classic MORON MOVIES on VHS is Now Ready to Roll into Your VCR, Tapeheads! Served Up on Limited Edition PINK Videocassettes with Randomly Inserted Signed Copies! DIG THAT!
June 29th 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s ready to be fed to your magnetic munchin’ machine, Videovores! Exclusively available through Briarwood Entertainment, LUNCHMEAT  teamed up with cult comedy icon Len Cella and Briarwood to bring Len’s one-of-a-kind comedy entertainment back to almighty analog – on PINK VHS, no less! Of course! These are a limited edition of 50 copies, with randomly inserted copies signed by Len himself! DIG THAT! Groove on over to the Official Briarwood Store to grab your slab before they’re all gobbled up, mang! You just don’t wanna miss this radical rewind re-animation of the most insane comedy tape you’ll ever lay your analog-lovin’ eyes on! VHSatisfaction Guaranteed, dude! ALL HAIL KING DONG!

LUNCHMEAT and Most Excellent Illustrator Hayden Hall Team Up To Bring You Some Totally Tubular VHS-Lovin’ Threads! That’s TWO Shirts Only Available for a Limited Time, Tapeheads!

May 14th 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

That’s right, Videovores! For those of you who missed out on the original campaign, LUNCHMEAT’s Rewind or Die! shirt is back from the grave in glorious black and white! We’ve resurrected this rewind rippin’ design in a classic black and white combo so you can tell the whole world to REWIND OR DIE! Grab it RIGHT HERE! PLUS! A brand spankin’ new design sure to make your VCR do backflips, dude! We proudly present, THE VHSNACK MONSTER SHIRT! This most excellent analog-eating monster demands a magnetic meal, and only a genuine VHSnack will satiate his hankerin’ for home video glory! DIG IT! And YOU can satisfy your need for totally tubular threads with this Limited Edition design only available for a limited time RIGHT HERE! Dig on groovy threads and stay VHSnackin’ all analog day, mang! And be sure to check out Hayden's FULL STORE for even more incredible threads! DO IT! GROOVE ON THE WEEKEND!


LUNCHMEAT and BRIARWOOD ENTERTAINMENT Are Bringing Cult Comedy Icon LEN CELLA to SEVERED to Present His Comedy Classic MORON MOVIES! PLUS! The LM and BRIARWOOD  Re-Release of MORON MOVIES on VHS! On PINK VHS! Dig it!
May 14th 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

That’s right, Tapeheads! Lunchmeat Magazine and Briarwood Entertainment are incredibly excited to announce cult comedy legend Len Cella will be appearing IN THE FLESH at this year’s Severed Short Film Festival and Horror VHS Collectors Unite Convention to open up the screening of his gut-busting short film collection MORON MOVIES! Lunchmeat and Briarwood will also be unleashing their brand spankin’ new VHS re-issue for MORON MOVIES in a Limited Edition of 50 copies with all new artwork, committed to PINK videocassettes! PINK! Len will be at the Briarwood table hangin’ and swangin’ all day, so be sure to groove on out, shake this man’s hand, have a laugh, and get ‘em to sign yer tape! Or your boobs! WHATEVER! ALL HAIL KING DONG! Grab your tickets RIGHT HERE, mang! 

LUNCHMEAT Teams Up with Doc Terror to Unleash VIDEOGRAM via Limited Edition VHS! Enjoy the Aural and Visual Analog Excellence in Standard and 3D – On One Videocassette!  GROOVY!

May 14th 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It has arrived on analog, Videovores! VIDEOGRAM’s self-titled album of original synth-driven faux film-scoring excellence is now available on Limited Edition Home Video! This VIDEOGRAM VHS features over a dozen faux-trailers created from snips and clips of cult classic flicks, re-cut, reassembled and re-animated to encapsulate the aesthetic aural vibe of each song! VIDEOGRAM is described by main brain Magnus Sellergren as “a loving tribute to the VHS days of the 1980s. It's just one big nostalgia trip for me. [I set out to] recreate the vibe of the all those video era trailers and videos.” VIDEOGRAM comes in a Limited Edition of strictly 30 copies with 15 yellow / 15 orange color videocassette split. Plus, each videocassette comes with the original version as created by Magnus Sellergren, and a BONUS 3D version created by none other than Doc Terror - both versions on one tape! 3D Glasses and exclusive sticker included, mang! DIG IT! Once they’re gone, they’re history! It goes live TODAY (5/14/15) at 4PM EST. CLICK HERE and grab your slab while they last!
**PLEASE NOTE** You can request the color you want, but it is NOT guaranteed. Only ONE per customer – any order with more than ONE will be cancelled and refunded with no exceptions. Because of the limited nature of this release, we want to VHSpread it around as much as we can! Thank you for your support and understanding! FEED THAT VCR EVERY DAY!

LUNCHMEAT's Midnight Snack #4 is Now Ready for Consumption, Videovores! Grab Your Slab in The Meat Market and Get Totally Analog Excellent!
May 1st 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s here, Tapeheads! LUNCHMEAT’s Midnight Snack #4 is now being served in The Meat Market! Inside this magnetically meaty little morsel you’ll be served up some radical reviews of VHS-only flicks such as DEADLY REACTOR, EYEWITNESS MURDERS, DEATH DRUG, THE PEANUT BUTTER SOLUTION and more, mang! You can also dig into an extensive interview with director Tim Everitt all about his cult classic insano kung-fu epic FURIOUS, learn more about the current bootleg VHS circuit from the folks who dish ‘em out and dig insanely deep with Mike Dank as he uncovers the ultimate in obscure home video history! But wait: there’s more! We unearth more chunks of video era promo goodies with another dose of Analog-tising! DIG IT! Oh, and need a new VHSnack to help appease your hunger while ingesting those almighty analog slabs? That’s in here, too, Tapeheads! Groove and Groove and MUNCH ON THIS MIDNIGHT SNACK!!


LUNCHMEAT Joins the Indie Print Party at BROOKLYN ZINE FEST 2015 on Saturday, April 25th from 11am - 6pm! LUNCHMEAT's Midnight Snack #4 is Unleashed!

April 24th 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It happens tomorrow, Tapeheads! LUNCHMEAT will be joining an army of other independent print heroes for the annual and totally awesome Brooklyn Zine Fest! This incredible event features a diverse display of independently produced printed-word productions, dynamic and thought-provoking panels and much more! It's an absolute blast! All the info on the show can be found RIGHT HERE! Plus! This event will mark the release of LUNCHMEAT's Midnight Snack #4! As always LM's MS #4 is loaded with analog love featuring plenty of VHS reviews, an extensive interview with Tim Everitt all about his cult smash FURIOUS, coverage on the modern bootleg circuit and an intriguing article from Mike Dank about the wonders of home-recorded VHS dug up in the wild! And more fun stuff! Believe it! If you can't make it to BZF this weekend, Midnight Snack #4 will be up in The Meat Market as soon as we get back! But we hope to see you there so we can high-five, talk tapes and just have fun! Again, all the BZF info is available RIGHT HERE! Groove on the weekend, mang!

Lunchmeat Parties with Awesome Illustrator Hayden Hall to Offer Up Some Limited Edition Threads with the REWIND OR DIE Shirt! Available for a Limited Time Only, Mang!
March 20th 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

LUNCHMEAT VHS proudly presents this totally bodacious Limited Edition tee with an exclusive design from the radical hand of illustrator extraordinaire HAYDEN HALL! These bad boys are available for a limited time only, exclusively available through this campaign, so be sure to snatch up some of these rewind-inclined threads, order an extra-large Supreme sizzler and get VHStoked to Rewind or Die for your entire analog life!! One more time, these are ONLY AVAILABLE until March 30th, 2015, so act now or don’t!! GROOVE ON RADICAL LIMITED EDITION THREADS and REWIND OR DIE!! CLICK HERE TO GRAB YOURS!!

LUNCHMEAT Teams Up with CINEDELPHIA FILM FEST and VIVA VIDEO for a Triple-Threat Analog Explosion with a BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO Showcase and Snackfest at Viva Video in Ardmore, PA on April 4th!

March 18th 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

As part of the 2015 Cinedelphia Film Festival, Ardmore's Viva Video will host a special marathon of VHS releases from Bleeding Skull! Video! The first three BSV releases will be shown in surprise order with introductions by local filmmaker Johnny Dickie and Lunchmeat will be on hand with all kinds of VHS-obsessed goodies! Each film will be served up with Hors d’oeuvre style snacks to help satiate your movie munchie cravings! And the menu was created by Zack Carlson of BS!V! Too groovy, mang! Check out for more info on the event, or groove to the Official Facebook Event Page! Pop on in to experience pure analog insanity and join us as we VHSnack until we anti-digitally drop! DIG IT!!


Wild Eye Releasing, Neoflux Productions and Lunchmeat Put Their Heads Together to Bring NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD RE-ANIMATED to Limited Edition VHS! Exclusively Available Via Wild Eye Releasing!!
March 6th 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It has been established that the widespread and infectious presence of George A. Romero’s magnum opus has contaminated the minds of movie-makers and manifold artists the world over. Mike Schneider’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD RE-ANIMATED is the first and only collective cinematic concoction to display such a diverse and dynamic testament to the film’s influence and inspiration. NOTLDR complies over 100 artists interpretations set to the original sound narrative to create a brand new mixed-media menagerie visual representation of the film, jolting it back to life in a decidedly fresh, fun and fantastic fashion! It's the ultimate tribute to one of the most powerful low-budget horrors ever to exist! DIG IT! Now available for the first time ever on VHS from your fellow Videovores at Wild Eye Releasing and Lunchmeat and exclusively available via Wild Eye Releasing's website, mang! Grab a slab now or forever hold your DVD!


VHS is Happiness Shirts Return to The Meat Market Along with the Limited Edition Genuine Video Cassette Connoisseur Packs with VHS is Dead and New Rewind or Die Stickers! DIG IT!
February, 15th 2015 - Posted by Josh Schafer

They have returned, Tapeheads! The VHS is Happiness shirts are now back in action and ready to roll into your wardrobe! Dig on these analog-inclined threads by clicking RIGHT HERE! And while you’re at, be sure to take a peek at the Limited Edition radical retro re-animation we’ve done with VHS is Dead! Limited to 25 for Genuine Video Cassette Connoisseurs Only, mang!! Oh, and we’ve also offered up some new and groovy REWIND OR DIE! stickers so you can get all VHSlap-happy and spread the word of the Rewind Cult! All now available for consumption by clickin' RIGHT HURRR!

LUNCHMEAT and BRIARWOOD ENTERTAINMENT Team Up and Dare You to Treat Your VCR to an Anti-Digital Delight this Halloween with MAGNETIC MIXTAPE MADNESS VOL. 2!

October, 31st 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s now up for consumption, Tapeheads! Just in time for Halloween, it’s a most magnetically delicious treat for your analog deck! This anti-digital delight is loaded up with nine independent short films from around the world committed to yummy yellow tapes! This Limited Edition of 50 also comes with your very own edible Magnetic Mixtape Munchie bar, plenty of party tips and some party protection! DIG IT! Treat your VHSweet tooth and satiate your independently produced analog appetite with this slab of VHSweetness! Limited to just 50 copies and only available through!! CHOMP ON IT and HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN, VIDEOVORES!!!!


October, 10th 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s coming, Videovores! On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17th from 10PM until the break of dawn we’ll be at VIVA VIDEO in Ardmore, PA (a real live video rental store!) screening FIVE flicks that you’ll only see on VHS! Imagine a totally retro-radical sleepover at your best friend’s house replete with endless pizza, a surplus of groovy snacks, VHS galore, bodacious beverages (yes, of the adult variety!) and all-around analog-lovin’ amazing times! Tickets are just $8 and that gets you the flicks, copious amounts of food and all the fun you can handle! Plus! Tired Hands Brewery is right down the street and they’re offering up half-price growlers of their groovy brew for all ticketholders! LUNCHMEAT will be there with the brand new issue and lots of other analog-inclined groodies, so come on out and have a total blast, mang! THIS IS THE ULTIMATE ANALOG ALL-NIGHTER!! Get your tickets HERE, and scope the full info HERE. See you at the VHSleepover, Tapeheads!!!


LUNCHMEAT ISSUE #8 IS NOW AVAILABLE, TAPEHEADS! Groove On Over to The Meat Market and Grab the Brand-Spankin-New Slab of VHS Appreciation, Celebration and Vindication!! DIG IT!!

October, 7th 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

You read that right, Tapeheads!! LUNCHMEAT #8 is now ready to be consumed and being served up in The Meat Market! DIG IT!

So, what’s inside?! Our brand-new slab of independently-printed VHS and video era obsession, appreciation and celebration is jam-packed with 52-pages of utter VHS vindication, mang! You’ll be able to sink your VHS-lovin’ teeth into over a dozen reviews of VHS-only flicks including obscure gems like PREMONTION, IRON THUNDER, GET CRAZY, TALES OF THE UNKNOWN, CAST A DEADLY SPELL along with many more magnetic morsels  for you to munch!!  You know it! You’re also gonna be able to kick it in an analog apocalypse as david j. moore talks with director Paul Kyriazi about his obscure action flick OMEGA COP; Rick Sloane details his plucky career as a complete cult low-budget filmmaker crafting cult flicks like HOBGOBLINS and VICE ACADEMY; director Martin Campbell unravels the source of the SFX magic on tap in CAST A DEADLY SPELL; and director Roger Nygard talks about his diverse and expansive career running the genre gamut with titles like HIGH STRUNG, TREKKIES, SIX DAYS IN ROSWELL and THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE!

But that’s not all, man! There’s more! MUCH MORE! The legendary Len Cella spills his guts about his cult comedy career and his independently produced laughter-piece MORON MOVIES… you just gotta read it to believe it! Fred Olen Ray recounts those rewind-inclined days as he recalls insane on-set stories about COMMANDO SQUAD and DINOSAUR ISLAND; the totally rad Dom Coccaro goes off the top rope and puts a full nelson on some awesomely obscure VHS-only wrestling flicks;  Taylor Duff offers up some amazingly esoteric animation from the abyss; and Ted Gilbert dares you to imagine a world without VCRs in his think-piece about how the Supreme Court almost took away our favorite analog format forever.

All this analog-crazed coverage plus comics, articles on groovy collectible video era goodies, and of course, an alien-themed crossword puzzle where you can win prizes! Cool prizes like snacks and VHS tapes, mang! YES!

What other analog-obsessed treats await you in LUNCHMEAT #8? You’ll have to chew through it to find out! Groove on over to The Meat Market and grab one before it grabs YOU!


LUNCHMEAT Teams Up with Canadian Tapeheads VIDEO VENGEANCE to Present a FREE Home Video Screening of the Cult Classic Horror Spoof-o-Rama WACKO!

September, 9th 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Heads up, Videovores of The Great White North! LUNCHMEAT and Canadian VHS Vindicators VIDEO VENGENACE have put our heads together to bring you a very special home video presentation of Greydon Clark’s most excellent early 80s horror spoof spectacular WACKO! There’ll be bodacious brews, mounds of mouth-watering, tummy-ticklin’ nachos and laffs aplenty all happening at Toronto’s KITCH BAR on Sunday, October 19th starting at 8PM! And the best thing? The movie is FREE! DIG IT! There’ll also be a bunch of groovy LUNCHMEAT goodies up for grabs and, of course, a heaping helping of VHS appreciation and celebration! Groove on over to the Official Event Page for all the anti-digital info, mang!  If you’re in the Toronto area, you DO NOT want to miss this most excellent celebration of Greydon’s most mind-bending slab of magnetic magic! Sure, Josh… that’s what you always say!


LUNCHMEAT Prepares to Get All Party Time Excellent at the TAPE EATERS 2014 VHS Convention in Ann Arbor, MI! Groove on the Analog Appreciation and Celebration for FREE!
July 15th, 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s almost here, Tapeheads! If you’re in the Michigan area, you DO NOT want to miss this epic analog-obsessed event orchestrated by the too groovy Nate Pancakes and Ryan Gelatin! I’ll be there tablin’ it up with all the LUNCHMEAT goodies alongside a groovy gang of other video vindicators on Saturday, July 26th at the Clarion Hotel & Convention Center in Ann Arbor, MI! I’ll also be presenting a very special screening of the most excellent alien-obsessed documentary Six Days in Roswell! DIG IT! This is a totally FREE event chock full of VHS appreciation and celebration set to a full day of super-rad movie screenings, snacks o’plenty, and video-inlcined vendors. It’s going to RULE. Get all the info RIGHT HURR. Hope to see you there, Videovores!!!


Groovy Giveaway Time, Tapeheads! Win a copy of DEATH SPA on VHS from GORGON VIDEO and LUNCHMEAT! Just Comment on the GORGON Interview and Have a Chance to Become Analog Awarded! DIG IT!

July 3rd, 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

That’s right, Videovores! All you gotta do is clickity-click on over to the interview with Gorgon Video all about their totally amazing re-animation, read it through, and comment at the bottom! That’s it! For real! Groovy, huh?! On July 18th, 2014 one lucky Tapehead will be chosen at random to receive a copy of the brand-spankin’ new DEATH SPA VHS courtesy of Gorgon Video! Double dig it, and GROOVE ON THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND!


LUNCHMEAT Prepares to Party at the 5th Annual SEVERED SHORT FILM NIGHT and 3rd Annual HORROR VHS COLLECTORS UNITE! Convention at Sherman Theater! And You Should, Too! Why? BECAUSE IT WILL RULE!
May 6th, 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s coming in just a couple weeks, Tapeheads! THEE east coast gathering for voracious Videovores and film fanatics alike is happening on Saturday, May 24th 2014 at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA! This year’s event will be chock full of indie short film insanity, dozens of vendors wheeling and dealing all walks of VHS from the insanely rare to the utter essentials; and of course, there’ll be an avalanche of exclusive fresh VHS flesh from the grooviest video vindicators of the analog re-animation movement! But that’s not all, man! There’ll also be a big screen presentation of the obscure 80s slasher flick VENUS FLY TRAP and a super-secret surprise theatrical premiere screening of an ultra-obscure 80s analog gem, presented by the one-and-only Bleeding Skull! DIG IT! All this and tons more movie mania and analog excitement await you at this year’s SEVERED Short Film Night & VHS Collectors Unite Convention! Clickity-click THIS LINK to get your tickets today! GROOVE ON OUT and GET ANALOG AWESOME.

Limited Edition LUNCHMEAT LEFTOVERS and HIGH COO VIES Are Now Being Served in The Meat Market! Groove On Over and DIG IN, Videovores!

May 2nd, 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

They're now available, Tapeheads! First up, LUNCHMEAT LEFTOVERS! This slice of magnetic magic lovin’ coverage includes an exclusive interview with the magnetically mystical and analog anthropomorphic Tape Man, The Teenage Videovore Johnny Dickie spilling on his favorite S.O.V. flicks of all-time, reviews on scarce slabs of video excess and more! This was created for CINEMA WASTELAND 2014, and these are the last ones! Housed in a custom printed paper lunch bag and  comes equipped with a custom foil debossed napkin to help wipe that video ooze out yer eyes or clear that excess BBQ sauce from yer lip! And TWO stickers! DIG IT! Only 50 made! Also now up for consumption is LUNCHMEAT's HIGH COO VIES! A  4.25 X 5.5 printed collection of haiku poetry celebrating some of LM’s most favorite forever flicks! This is a limited edition printing pressed for this year’s Brooklyn Zine Fest, and these are the last copies! Contains 22 haiku poems spanning the spectrum of stellar (and not so stellar, but still mad fun) cinema with renditions of flicks like THE SANDLOT, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and FRIDAY! Includes an answer key in the back just in case you can’t figure ‘em out, mang! Fun to read with friends and a groovy boredom buster if there ever was one! Limited to 50 copies. DIG THAT 5.7.5EVA.

And just in case you’re wonderin’, LUNCHMEAT #8 is currently being cooked up and is set for an AUGUST 2014 release! This issue will be our biggest slice of video obsession yet with MORE reviews, MORE interviews and of course MORE video era appreciation and celebration than ever before! You’ll see titles like BEACH HOUSE, BLOODY MARY, MORON MOVIES and TALES OF THE UNKNOWN along with interviews with amazing analog era heroes like Len Cella, Roger Nygard and you guessed it… MORE! What other video vindication awaits you in LM #8? We can’t tell you yet! But you can bet your wood grain top-loader you’re DIG IT! Stay tuned, feed that VCR and GROOVE ALWAYS!


LUNCHMEAT Invades the BROOKLYN ZINE FEST alongside BLOOD VIDEO and over 100 Other Indie Publishers! PRINT IS NOT DEAD! LONG LIVE BZF!
April, 22nd 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Yes, indeedy, LUNCHMEAT and BLOOD VIDEO will be reppin’ the VHS love this weekend at the super-rad print media spectacular BROOKLYN ZINE FEST this SATURDAY, APRIL 26th! There will be some LUNCHMEAT LEFTOVERS mini-zines (served in a lunch bag with official napkin!) available along with all the other LM wares, and BLOOD VIDEO will be ready to dispense BV#3 to the analog obsessed massess! YES! All of the info on the fest can be found HERE, so if you’re in the Brooklyn area (or don’t mind an adventure!) be sure to come on out and support independently published print media! There will be over 100 zine-fiends throughout the 2-day fest, so you KNOW there’s gone be something that you wanna put in yo' brain! YOU BET’CHA! PRINT IS NOT DEAD!


Spring Into Summer with Some LUNCHMEAT Groovy Coozies, Tapeheads! Get a BOGO Bitchin’ Deal and Practice PARTY TIME EXCELLENT!

April, 11th 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

The BBQ and Pool Party season approaches, and now you can give your favorite ice cold beverage an insulated caress with these too groovy LM coozies, mang! And, get this: you get TWO FER ONE! YES! Each order will receive the standard version AND the Death Metal variant! So, what’s the Death Metal variant? Simple: it’s just the same design, only harder to read! DIG IT! And since you’ll have two coozies to party down with, you can share one with a brew buddy (and keep track of whose beer is whose!) or just straight up double-fist it! PARTY TIME EXCELLENT ALL THE TIME! And the super-rad 8-Bit stickers from artist Frank Browning are now being served up, as well, so be sure to grab a couple and stick ‘em up! GROOVE ALWAYS.


LUNCHMEAT and BRIARWOOD ENTERTAINMENT Invite You to Get All Hopped Up on an Eggscellent Analog Edition of EASTER BUNNY BLOODBATH!

April, 9th 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Just in time for Easter, Tapeheads! LM and Briarwood have put their nacho-chompin’ heads together for an anti-digital Easter treat with a Limited Edition VHS of Richard Moog’s throwback slasher extravaganza EASTER BUNNY BLOODBATH! This is a brand spankin’ new version of the film containing new scenes and a dnever-before-seen ending, making this the DEFINITIVE EDITION complete with a the live Rap song by "Some Assembly Required" star TRAVIS TURNER! Housed all new artwork from Josh Schafer (hey, that’s me!), featuring photography from Justin Rice and committed to an array of colored tapes, this is one analog edition you’ll want all up in your easter basket come this 4/20! Hops to your door cradled in green easter grass with eggs o' candy! COOL! Only available on!! Grab a copy before they’re all bounced outta here, mang!

ADJUST YOUR TRACKING to Screen in Brooklyn, NY at the ReBar ReRun Theater in Conjunction with NOTHING CREATIVE 3/26/2014!
March, 18th 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s happening next week, Tapeheads! What else you got goin’ on next Wednesday night, huh?! Yes, LUNCHMEAT, HORROR BOOBS and VHSHITFEST are teaming up with NOTHING CREATIVE and reBar to bring you a live screening of the newly released ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE VHS COLLECTOR next Wednesday, MARCH 26th  at rerun Theater (in the back of reBar) at 147 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY! Purchase your tickets HERE! Doors open at 6PM, and the show starts at 7PM! Just $9 at the door, and that gets you your first drink half off! DEAL-O-RAMA! And also be sure to tune into NOTHING CREATIVE’s Facebook Page for ticket giveaways, contests and updates on all their events! They’re cool peeps, mang! Groove on out and Rewind Your Mind!!


Limited Edition Glow-in-the-Dark VHS IS HAPPINESS Shirts Now Available, Tapeheads! Get ‘em and Sheath Yourself in Analog Obsessed Glowy Glory!!

March, 14th 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

They’re here, Videovores! Yes, it’s that classic LUNCHMEAT maxim coated in some serious glow-in-the-dark glory! These are a limited edition print and who knows if they’ll ever be pressed again, so grab yours while grabbin’s good, mang! Tacitly tell the world that VHS IS HAPPINESS… even in the dark! TOO GROOVY! Grab yours by CLICKING RIGHT HURR or just hitting up the The Meat Market! Oh, and don’t forget to chickity-check out those $5 B&W Horror threads from the vault up for consumption in The Meat Market. Limted sizes are available! And, dang, one more thing: ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE VHS COLLECTOR is now available for home viewing! The Collector’s Edition 2-DVD set and VHS / DVD Big Box Combo Edition are waiting to be watched! Groove on over to and get VHSified!! Yeah, man!! GROOVE!!!


LUNCHMEAT Brings the B&W Classic HORROR HOTEL and Grindhouse Splatterpiece SCREAM BLOODY MURDER to Analog Glory in Amped Up Limited Editions! DIG IT!!
February, 7th 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Fire up the old VCR and get ready for a Satanic sacrifice sleepover, Tapeheads!! LUNCHMEAT is proud to present the black and white horror masterpiece HORROR HOTEL in a Limited Analog OVERNIGHT EDITION! Yes, indeedy, with this slice of analog excellence you’ll receive your very own Doom Service Door Hang, Doom Key and Tag, an “I Survived” Sticker and the film on virgin blood red tapes! DIG IT! But that’s not all, mang! It’s also time to get HOOKED... On VHS, of course!! LUNCHMEAT is proud to present the 70s Grindhouse Splatterpiece SCREAM BLOODY MURDER in a Limited Deluxe Edition featuring the film on Blood Red tapes, all new artwork and The Official SCREAM BLOODY MURDER Horror Hook! WATCH OUT NOW! Each hook is hand assembled, so variations may occur! COOL! These are limited editions, so once they’re gone they’re VHiStory!! GROOVE ON.


ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE VHS COLLECTOR Pre-Order Date Announced! Come FEBRUARY 11th, You Can Order Your Very Own Collector’s Edition VHS / DVD set Housed in a Bodacious Big Box Loaded with Analog Extras! YES!!

January, 30th 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s finally coming soon to a VCR near you, Tapeheads! Yes, starting this FEBRUARY 11th, you can pre-order the Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector Deluxe VHS / DVD set amped up with an avalanche of analog-obsessed extras! And if you pre-order, you'll get an extra slice of exclusive bonus material! DIG IT! This Collector’s Edition Big Box VHS/DVD set will only be available through and will contain an extended version of the film on VHS with more than 20 minutes added into the movie, as well as a 2-disc DVD edition with over 7 hours of special features including deleted and extended scenes, two commentaries, three brand new short films, behind the scenes featurettes, trailers, easter eggs, and much more!! Don’t want the whole set? No problemo! You’ll be able to order the standalone 2-disc DVD edition from the site long before it is available in stores or on iTunes! So mark your magnetic calendars, Videovores! AYT will be invading your VCRs soon!!

LUNCHMEAT and THE VIDEO PHARMACY Put Their Heads Together to Bring the 1944 B&W Chiller Thriller THE MONSTER MAKER to Limited Edition Analog Glory! DIG IT!
January, 22nd 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

The date has been set, Tapeheads! We are proud to announce the very first analog collaboration between LUNCHMEAT and Dr. Abendroth’s THE VIDEO PHARMACY will feature the fiendishly fun 1944 B&W thriller chiller THE MONSTER MAKER laid to two-tone, hand-assembled  “piano key” tape shell along with a business card from the Mad Doctor Markoff, the bottle of Acromegaly, collapsible syringe, and the antidote, all lovingly recreated from the film. This Prescription Strength Video Vindication is strictly limited to 25 anti-digital doses and will be administered via THE VIDEO PHARMACY’s Official Webstore on SATURDAY, JANUARY 25th at 5:25 EST. Groove on over by clickity-clicking the link, and prepare to take your magnetic medicine!


LUNCHMEAT and CEMETERY SANDWICH Bring the New HORRORFIEND  - BETAMAX BLOODBATH Album to Limited Edition VHS! Prepare Your Heads for a Musical Magnetic Mixtape Mash-up, Videovores!

January, 10th 2014 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s ready to invade your VCRs, Tapeheads! LUNCHMEAT has joined forces with underground aces CEMETERY SANDWICH to unleash the brand spankin’ new HORRORFIEND album "Betamax Bloodbath" on limited edition VHS! Stick this slab o’ video vindication in your VCR and experience over 70 minutes of horror drenched, original analog synth-driven jams set to a motley mix of analog era insanity complete with a short film intro, CEMETERY SANDWICH teasers and a mess of groovy goodies sure to make your heads spin, mang! These bad boys are strictly limited to 30 copies and are exclusively available on HORRORFIEND’s Official Bandcamp site going live at 3PM today, so go on and grab a slab before they’re all gobbled up! All orders will also receive a free download of the entire album so you can enjoy the aural analog glory away from your magnetic munchin’ playback machine - DIG IT! Bend your brain, explode those eyeballs and FEED THAT VCR! HORRORFIEND has arrived!


LUNCHMEAT and HORROR BOOBS Bring ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector Back to NY as a Part of the P.K.D. Festival at Indie Screen in Brooklyn!

November 30th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It's back on the big screen, Videovores! ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE VHS COLLECTOR is coming to NY! Yours truly along with Horror Boobs main brain and fellow co-producer Matt D. will be presenting AYT on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7th as a part of the Phillip K. Dick Festival held at Indie Screen Cinema in Williamsburg! Be sure to clickity-click THIS LINK so you can groove on in and party with us! Like, for real, man, ‘cause the last screening in NY was SOLD OUT! It’s gonna be supreme analog-oriented entertainment mixed with guaranteed PARTY TIME EXCELLENT!! SEE YOU THERE, TAPEHEADS!!


LUNCHMEAT’s MIDNIGHT SNACK #3 Will Be Unleashed Come Halloween! Groove On Over to the Show and Sink Your Teeth into A Sweet, Sweet Analog Treat!
October 28th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

WE GOT A SPECIAL HALLOWEEN SURPRISE, TAPEHEADS! In conjunction with the totally amazing BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL / TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE double-feature screening happening on Halloween Night at PhilaMOCA with CHESTER TURNER LIVE AND IN-PERSON (!!!), we’ll be unleashing LUNCHMEAT's MIDNIGHT SNACK #3! Yes, we've cooked up a magnetic obsessed morsel to appease your analog appetite while LM #8 is being sorted out on the butcher's block, man! For those who have yet to taste the MIDNIGHT SNACK, this bad boy is a print, digest size (7.5 X 5.5) issue with full-color covers and black and white guts. Thirty-two independently printed pages of analog glory, man! YOU KNOW IT! They’ll be available at the show FIRST, but they're NOW AVAILABLE IN THE MEAT MARKET! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE, VIDEOVORES! It's gonna be VHiStory!!


PhilaMOCA, CINEDELPHIA, MASSACRE VIDEO and LUNCHMEAT Bring You a Halloween Treat That’s Gonna Blow Your Gourd, Man! It’s a BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL / TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE Double-Feature with Director Chester N. Turner LIVE AND IN-PERSON! THIS IS VHiStory, Tapeheads!!
October 25th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Yes, my fellow Videovores, the fantastic has happened! Louis Justin of Massacre Video has found Chester N. Turner, the director of the super-cult VHS gems BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL and TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE and he’s COMING TO PHILLY! Yes, on Hallowen Night 2013, the radical dudes at PhilaMOCA are setting the stage for an amazing night of analog overload with the double-feature screening, a meet and greet with Chester N. Turner and a Q&A after the flicks! And, to sweeten the deal, I’ll be releasing LUNCHMEAT’s Midnight Snack #3 loaded with groovy interviews and VHS obsession, including an exclusive interview with Chester! DIG IT! Go here for more info and HERE to buy tickets! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS, TAPEHEADS!!!


LUNCHMEAT and VIVA VIDEO Celebrate HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL with a FREE SCREENING! Friday, October 25th is Gonna Be a Too Groovy Night of Thrills, Chills and Candy Spills!
October 17th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

The Ghosts are Hungry, Videovores! And they wanna party with YOU! Yes, my fellow Tapeheads, to celebrate the Halloween season and the recent LUNCHMEAT HOME VIDEO deluxe VHS re-issue of HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, I’m teaming up with the too groovy Miguel Gomez and his radical rental haven VIVA VIDEO to screen one of the most essential haunted house thriller chillers of all-time! We’ve got groovy goodies aplenty planned including a super-limited edition Videovore Score T-shirt to go along with all the other LM wares and, of course, lots of FREE CANDY! YOU KNOW IT, MAN! And best of all, Tapeheads, it’s a FREE SCREENING! You just can’t beat it! So, chug a root beer, put on your favorite faux-face and party with us at the HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL!! And don’t forget to stick around for the Secret Surprise Screening! It’s gonna be one spooktacular night fo’ sho, Tapeheads!!


The Return From CINEMA WASTELAND Has Come! And LUNCHMEAT's Got Some Tasty Tape Leftovers For Your VCR! Get Groovy with HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL and DARKTOWN STRUTTERS! DIG IT!

October 10th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

CINEMA WASTELAND 2013 was analog amazing, Tapeheads! Man, it was just utterly fantastic. Read the LM recap RIGHT HERE and hear all the groovy details on the Spare Parts Blog-O-Rama! But now that I’m back in full-on LUNCHMEAT Land, I’ve got some tasty LM release tape morsels leftover from the weekend, and they’re now being served up in The Meat Market! There are two groovy titles on the menu including a deluxe VHS edition of William Castle’s iconic haunted house thriller starring Vincent Price: HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL! It comes with a bunch of groovy extras including an exclusive 4 X 4 inch sticker, Doom Dollars should you die of fright while watching the videocassette, REAL fake cobwebs and radical bonus material after the feature! And it’s on orange tapes! YES! Limited to 40! Also ready for VCR consumption is the ABSOLUTELY BONKERS Blaxploitation gem DARKTOWN STRUTTERS which comes with an exclusive-to-the-release 4 X 3 inch VHS IS GROOVY sticker, and is committed to white tapes. Limited to 30, and once they’re gone, they is analog history, man! I also released GRAVEYARD TRAMPS in association with HORROR BOOBS over the weekend, and we’ll have a re-press of those ready roll soon! Stay Tuned, Tapeheads! Whole lot more analog awesome coming your way quicker than the flick of your tracking! GROOVE ON.


LUNCHMEAT and BRIARWOOD ENTERTAINMENT Team Up to Bring You a Most Groovy Collection of Indie Short Films! Prepare Your VCR for some MAGNETIC MIX-TAPE MADNESS!
October 2nd, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s time to feed your VCR some indie flick VHS flesh, Tapeheads! Brought to you exclusively on VHS in association with Briarwood Entertainment, it's MAGNETIC MIX-TAPE MADNESS! We’ve packed this this slab o’ analog awesome with a select collection of  8 short films submitted by some of the grooviest magnetic maniacs from the VHS Horror community inlcuding Johnny Dickie and Liam Makrogiannis, Chris Bahr and Joe La Scola, Evan Makrogiannis and more! Tack on a bunch of bonus clips and analog extras, and you’ve got this slimy slice of video vindication! DIG IT! Housed in a black clamshell case with custom artwork from yours truly! Nicely priced to get this bad boy in your hands and get these filmmakers the exposure they deserve! These are the first 10 advance copies, so grab ‘em before you gotta wait some more, man! And if you miss you, not to worry: Briarwood will have them ready in the next week or so! REWIND OR DIE!


The VIDEO VIOLENCE DIEHARD VIDEOVORE EDITION Release Date is Set! Don’t Miss the Party, Man! It’s Gonna be MAD GROOVY!
August 19th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s finally happening, Videovores! The release date for the VIDEO VIOLENCE DIEHARD VIDEOVORE EDITION has been confirmed!! On Friday, September 20th at Forbidden Planet in Manhattan, NY we’ll be kicking off the release of this highly anticipated slab of video vindication brought to you by Camp Motion Pictures and LUNCHMEAT! I’ll be in attendance along with artists Earl Kess and Mike Parsons and, yes, director Gary P. Cohen will be hanging out, as well, signing all the diehard editions he can! DIG IT! Plus, there’ll be VIDEO VIOLENCE trivia for prizes and a bunch of groovy giveaways to appease your analog addicted needs! It’s gonna be Party Time Excellent, indeed! And if you can't make it to the show - DON'T FRET! You can pre-order this edition for just 50 bones (with FREE SHIPPING - just select "Parcel Post") and it, too, will be signed by Gary! WHOA, YEAH! Just CLICK HERE, and you can secure yours today! And don't forget to pick your shirt size, mang! DIG IT!


Chickity-check it, Tapeheads! Re-Animate Your Wardrobe with the LUNCHMEAT Glow Monster Shirt! Slip it on, Pop in a Tape and GLOW, BABY, GLOW!
July 22nd, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

He's back, Videovores! The Glow Monster has returned from the wild all ready to illuminate your chestpiece! These mega-boss threads are printed with Glow-in-the-Dark green ink on black 100% pre-shrunk cotton tees! Impress your friends or make new ones! Find your shirt in the dark! Tacitly tell every passerby it's time to Re-Animate their VCR!! Groove on over and glow with analog admiration!


The ADJUST YOUR TRACKING Summer Screening Tour Kicks off in Philadelphia at PhilaMOCA! Tape Trading! VHS Vendors! Pure Analog Ecstasy! DIG IT!
July 12th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Hey-yo, my fellow Videovores of Philly and surrounding areas! We're kicking off the Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector Summer Tour on Monday, August 5th at PhilaMOCA! Groove on out to trade tapes, find new video gems and enjoy the VHSified Double-Feature of the LUNCHMEAT co-produced ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector and the totally insane 90s SOV trashterpiece HELLROLLER ! AYT directors Dan Kinem and Levi Peretic will be live in the flesh high fivin’, slingin’ amazing slabs o’ analog and doing a Q&A after the screening! I’ll be there with all the LM wares, tapes for trade and a few super-groovy VHSurprises! Be there and party like Ric Flair! WOOOOOOOOO! GET INTO IT!


LUNCHMEAT teams up with SECRET LAIR to unleash a TAPE EATERS 2 Convention Exclusive VHS Release celebrating the Classic B&W Suspense Shocker THE SADIST!

July 12th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

We've put our heads together with the super-groovy VHS label SECRET LAIR to bring you a very special video treat for the folks who will be at the TAPE EATERS 2 VHS CONVENTION commencing this Saturday, JULY 13th! This slab of VHS vindication for the B&W suspense shocker THE SADIST has all new artwork by yours truly and is a strictly limited edition of 20 copies! If there's any leftovers (who knows?!), stay tuned to the SECRET LAIR shop so you can gobble 'em on up! GROOVE.

VHS LIVES AGAIN! Shirts are now available in The Meat Market! While Supplies Last! Dig the Groovy New Threads, man!
June 27th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Sing it from the rooftop-loaders, my fellow tapeheads! VHS LIVES AGAIN! With our favorite format in full swing again,  it’s time to celebrate a little, yeah?! Pick up these groovy threads and let people know that analog awesomeness is back with a vengeance, mang! It’ll look good on ya! These were a limited press, but if peeps are really diggin’ em, maybe we can bring ‘em on back! YEAH! But ya never know, so if you want one best grab it before it’s on someone else’s video-lovin’ hide! Dig it, and Groove Always.


LUNCHMEAT teams up with HORRORDECOR.NET to bring you the VHS IS HAPPINESS label for their super-groovy VHS PILLOW!! And there's a bunch of Radical Releasing Companies available, too!! DIG IT!

June 18th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer


Heads up, Videovores! We're absolutely thrilled to announce a Super-Groovy collaboration with the fine folks over at! Available exclusively on their site, it’s the VHS IS HAPPINESS label for their mega-bitchin’ VHS Pillow! And there's also a bunch of radical releasing companies available so you can snuggle on up with Media, Midnight, Unicorn, Vestron and Thriller Video! TAKE YOUR FAVORITE FORMAT TO BED WITH YOU AND LIVE THE ANALOG DREAM!


May 1st, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Hey-yo, Tapeheads! It's time for another VHS collaboration celebration! LM is joining analog forces with Vultra Video on a very special Big Box Home Video Edition of Jeff Burr's Groovy Horror Anthology FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM aka THE OFFSPRING!! These are super-limited editions of 20 both with all new artwork and get this: THE OFFSPRING version features a super-rad rendition of my main man Vinny P. courtesy of Isaac Bidwell! These will be available this weekend at The Salt City Horror Fest 2013, so if you're in the area, you gotta get on down and bask in the analog glory!! VHS WILL NEVER DIE!


April 29th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s coming up quick, Tapeheads! The Severed Short Film Night & VHS Collectors Unite Convention is creeping up… and it beckons your attendance! Groove on out to The Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA on Saturday May 11th to experience a whirlwind of independent short films, an army of vendor tables chock full’a groovy goodies, the big screen debut of the LUNCHMEAT and HORROR BOOBS production ADJUST YOUR TRACKING and another very special secret surprise screening! It’s so secret, I don’t even know what the hell it is! KILLER! This is without a doubt THEE place to be for all VHS Collectors, man. Tons of tapes, lots of video era love and most importantly, an assembly of Videovores from across the land, gathering together and celebrating that almighty analog. It’s boss times. See you there, my video brethren!!



April 15th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Huge news, Videovores! I just can’t express how absolutely elated I am to announce this collaboration with Camp Motion Pictures! The VIDEO VIOLENCE DIEHARD VIDEOVORE EDITION is going to be the ultimate Video Violence collection including the original cuts of both Video Violence and Video Violence 2 on Red VHS tapes, an “I’m a Lifer at The Video Studio” shirt (re-created to look just like the one in the film!), a Video Studio Lifer card and club pin, an 11X17 poster and a DVD copy of Director Gary Cohen’s Video Violence Redux Deluxe: a brand new cut of the two films mashed up into one! And it’s all housed in an oversized black double-clamshell case with all-new artwork! It’s gonna be an analog era celebration of epic proportions, man! Clickity-click HERE for the full press release, and stay tuned to the website for updates on the official release date! It’s coming SOON! Until then, enjoy the sneak peek at the all new artwork by Earl Kess and Michael Parsons and Keep Feeding that VCR!! GROOVE ALWAYS.


VHS-driven documentary CHUCK NORRIS VS COMMUNISM needs your support! Help Director Ilinca Calugareanu and her groovy crew make this amazing doc the best it can be! Donate, and you can receive amazing analog treats!
April 12th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Chickity-check it out, Videvores! Director Ilinca Calugareanu and her crusading crew need your help! They’re on a quest to raise funds for another trip back to Romania to finish up the final round of footage for CHUCK NORRIS VS COMMUNISM: an amazing VHS-oriented documentary all about the incredible and fascinating Romanian Underground VHS Movement of the 1980s. Groove on over to their Indiegogo page to support this amazing piece of historical cinema and learn more about how by donating, you can snatch up some amazing analog goodies including a VHS rewinder and a custom VCR! What?! It’s so bitchin! Just look at the image, man!! To learn what it's all about, you can also check out an interview with Calugareanu right here! So get on down and help this film be the best it can be and assist in showing the world how VHS helped empower and uplift an enormous body of people in dire times. Support amazing DIY filmmaking and feed that VCR! GROOVE ALWAYS!


It's time for another tasty Analog Obsessed Publication treat, Tapeheads! Matt Desiderio's BLOOD VIDEO # 2 is now being served in The Meat Market! Come on and get some!
April 8th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Heads up, Videovores! BLOOD VIDEO # 2 is now being served in The Meat Market! Fresh off the presses, it’s Matt Desiderio’s (of Horror Boobs fame!) super-groovy analog appreciation and celebration publication! BV’s brand spankin’ new issue is packed with tons of VHS-crazed pieces including VHShitFest’s Dan Kinem interview with heavy metal horror hero John Fasano (BLACK ROSES; ROCK N’ ROLL NIGHTMARE), Victor Bonacore chats with KILLING SPREE star Abestos Felt, Josh Schafer (hey, that’s me!) connects the dots between video games and Videovores, Justin Rice tackles the topic of VHS and vinyl similarities and the teenage Videovore Johnny Dickie gives his two cents on a mess of VHS tapes! It’s also got tapehead Grant Cornelison with a primer on Mexican punk films, a look at The Dr. Strange made-for-TV flick that was plumbed from the depths and, of course, Joey Steel is back with his insano Steel this Tape! Das alotta stuff, man! Dig in, my fellow analog obsessed f(r)iends! MAN ALIVE! It’s RAD!


It’s fresh out the oven and ready for consumption, Videovores! LUNCHMEAT # 7 is now being served in The Meat Market! Come and get a bite!
March 29th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

That’s right, Tapeheads! It’s our thickest slab o’ analog obsession yet, jam-packed with 50+ pages of video era celebration including in-depth reviews of the analog-only delights Double Trouble, The Shout, Thunder Warrior II, Hunter’s Blood , Tombstone Territory, Project Nightmare, and a whole mess more!  No kiddin! Also on the menu for this issue we’ve got interviews with Aussie auteur Brian Trenchard-Smith rapping about his video-only gem The Quest, video era heavyweight Jeffery Obrow tells us all about his expansive genre career with flicks like The Kindred, The Power and The Dorm that Dripped Blood! Character actor extraordinaire Eddie Deezen nerds out with us about VHS tapes and space travel, Sam Sherman gives us the skinny about the history of Super Video and Liane Curtis delivers the low down on what it’s like being everyone’s favorite girlfriend from hell! YES!

But wait… there’s more?! MUCH MORE!  You’ll also be able to sink your tape-loving teeth into Rob Hauschild’s Christian Scare Edition of Tapes from the Trash (Hallelujah, Videvores!), Matthew Dilts-Williams details the history of Thriller Video complete with a nifty collector’s checklist, and we explore the incredible VHS-oriented documentary Chuck Norris vs. Communism with director Ilinca Calugareanu! You’ll also be able to brush up on some TLC for your VCR when Uncouth gives you some groovy insight on how to keep your playback machine happy, healthy and full’a magnetic magic for years to come!  DIG IT!
And, as always, that nasty Crossword Troll is back with his crossword o’ cannibalism. Defeat him, and win PRIZES! That’s right: I’m talking VHS tapes and candy and all kinds of cool stuff, man! What other delectable video vittles await you in LUNCHMEAT # 7? To find out, you’ll have to grab one… before it grabs YOU! Clickity click this link to get yourself your very own slab o’ LUNCHMEAT # 7! GROOVE ON!


March 27th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Attention all Philly Tapeheads and those who are down to cruise the highways! On SATURDAY MAY 25th, 2013 LUNCHMEAT and HORROR BOOBS along with AYT creators Dan Kinem and Levi Peretic of VHSHITFEST will be partying down at PhilaMOCA for the Philadelphia Premier of ADJUST YOUR TRACKING! You’ll be able to experience the ultimate documentation of analog obsession, appreciation and celebration along with a bunch of other groovy stuff like The Horror Boobs Tralier Extravaganza, $1 raffles for radical stuff like VHS rewinders, cleaners and other video era goodies and get this: the first 50 Videovores through the door get a FREE VHS TAPE! DIG IT FOR FREE! This is also the Official LUNCHMEAT # 7 Release party, so you KNOW it’s gonna be party time excellent up in here with snacks, prizes and cool shit like that! Come on down and get on down and bask in the unadulterated analog excitement!! Peep the flyer for more info or check out PhilaMOCA’s website! See you there, my fellow VHS Heads! It’s gonna be BITCHAAAAANNNN.


LUNCHMEAT and BLOOD VIDEO will be groovin’ at the 2013 BROOKLYN ZINE FEST! Come on out and experience Indie Publications Galore! PRINT IS NOT DEAD!
March 25th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s DIY OR DIE, everybody! On SUNDAY APRIL 21st 2013, my good buddy Matt D. from Horror Boobs / Blood Video and myself will be manning our very own table at this year’s BROOKLYN ZINE FEST with BLOOD VIDEO # 2 and LUNCHMEAT # 7 (and lots of tapes, of course!)! If you’re in the area, you gotta come and hang out, man! There’ll be over 60 vendors all dealing their independently printed wares featuring a vast ocean of topics and persuasions. Last year was an absolute blast, and I can’t wait to set up shop and drink in all the indie print awesomeness. The BZF is held at PUBLIC ASSEMBLY and it’s totally free entry! DIG A FREE GOOD TIME! Support indie print and labors of love! Check out BZF’s website for more info, yo!


It’s almost time for the Video Violence Redux Screening At Viva Video in Ardmore, PA with Director Gary Cohen live and in person! It’s gonna be some serious mash-up madness, Tapeheads!
March 25th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Heads up, Videovores! Chickity-check up your calendars for SATURDAY, APRIL 13th 2013 for the World Premiere of Gary Cohen’s re-stitched and re-animated VIDEO VIOLENCE REDUX presented by Camp Motion Pictures and  Cinedelphia! Gary will be live and in the flesh to introduce his brand spankin’ new mash-up of his legendary SOV gems VIDEO VIOLENCE… WHEN RENTING IS NOT ENOUGH! and VIDEO VIOLENCE PART 2! It’s gonna be some unprecedented video insanity, indeed! I’ll also be hangin’ out with all the LUNCHMEAT goodies on the menu and will be making a super-groovy announcement that all the Videovores out there will be SUPER-STOKED about! Trust me! Tickets are available for 10 BONES through! Come on out and celebrate the re-animated analog awesomeness! See it first and GET RAD.


Cinema Wasteland Spring 2013 cometh and LUNCHMEAT will be in attendance with some extra-groovy Wasteland Edition VHS! Come to the Wasteland and procure some video vittles for your VCR!
March 25th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

You know it, my fellow Tapeheads! Cinema Wasteland is one of the most bitchin’ events of the year and it’s coming up mad soon! On April 5th, 6th and 7th, I’ll be there tabling with the handsome Louis Justin and Massacre Video as we purvey some analog madness to the masses! Massacre will have its usual array of analog insanity on display along with some new slabs of video vindication up for grabs! LUNCHMEAT # 7 will be on the menu and some super-special Wasteland Edition VHS releases on LUNCHMEAT HOME VIDEO to be unveiled at the convention! You gotta get here, man! There may be a few LMHV tapes left over that I can serve up via The Meat Market, but who knows if they’ll last that long!? Hope to see you there, Videovores! Come on by the table and LIVE THE ANALOG DREAM!


The Official Poster for ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE VHS COLLECTOR is brought to life by the groovy hands of artist Devon Whitehead! And it RULES!
March 18th, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Chickity-check it out, Videovores! The official poster for ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE VHS COLLECTOR rendered by the damn awesome Devon Whitehead has been unleashed! Spread the love of analog obsession and post this bad boy everywhere you can so people can get in the know! The documentary is finally finished and a press releases with a brand spankin' new trailer is coming up in about a week, so be sure to stay tuned, Tapeheads! It's gonna be BITCHIN! I couldn't be more excited, elated and honored to be able to help bring this incredible documentary to the teemings hordes of Videovores out there and once it's out, the world over will finally have the chance to take a look into the weird, wild and wonderful life of the VHS collector! Coming soon to a VCR near YOU! PARTY TIME EXCELLENT.


TAPE MOLD ZINE #2 is now being served in The Meat Market! Come grab a slice of some independently printed unadulterated VHS obsession! Your VCR is gonna love you! We guarantee it!
January 21st, 2013 - Posted by Josh Schafer

C’mon and get it, Videovores! Issue Number Two of Dan Kinem (of VHShitFest!) and Ally Orlando’s TAPE MOLD ZINE is now being served in The Meat Market! Yes, indeed, this homegrown VHS-obsessed zine is chock full’a in-depth reviews of VHS trashterpieces Southern Shockers, Tabloid! And even Attack of the Mutant Roadkill and the Vampyre Zombies from Beyond the Grave! It’s pure obscure bliss! Also in the issue you’ll get VHShit on by interviews with Glen Coburn and Bret McCormick along with a has-to-be-read-to-be-believed interview with BIG BAD BERTHA! It’s totally insane! And that’s not all! Really! Be sure to groove on over and grab yourself a slice of TAPE MOLD’s video goodness! Your VCR will thank you! Oh, and we’re down to the LAST COPIES of LUNCHMEAT’S MIDNIGHT SNACK # 2 – and once they’re gone, they’re total history! Grab one before they go extinct! Keep feedin’ that VCR and watch weird flicks! It’ll do ya good! Groove on!


The New York City Horror & Exploitation Film Fest takes over The Hellgate Social and invites you to celebrate indie fringe film and melt your brain! Dig it!

December 4th, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Hey-yo, Videovores! If you're in the New York area this weekend, DECEMBER 8th and 9th, be sure to groove on down to The Hellgate Social to experience a visual onslaught of independent horror and exploitation galore! New York Horror Film Productions is throwing down a shindig of bitchin’ proportions to celebrate the wonderful and weird world of independent cinema where you can meet cool folks from horror flicks, peruse the selection of groovy horror goodies and, of course, watch insane cinema until your brain melts! It's gonna rule! I’ll be there co-MC’ing the event with my brother in analog Matt D. from Horror Boobs, slingin’ some LM wares and… yep… you guessed it: obsessing about VHS tapes! You know it! Check out all the info HERE. Come on out and get WEIRD!

LUNCHMEAT teams up with SFX Artist Gina Martire to unleash the Halloween 2012 Treat: The Glow-in-the-Dark Videovore Mask! And they're super-groovy!

October 30th, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s that time of year, Tapeheads, and over here in Lunchmeat Land we’ve got a super-groovy Halloween treat for you to sink your slimy teeth into! We’re stoked to be able to collaborate with SFX artist extraordinaire Gina Martire to create a mega-limited run of high-quality, hand-crafted full-face Videovore masks – and get this: they GLOW IN THE DARK! You know it! Each mask is formed from a hand-carved mold, cast with super-sturdy vaccu-form plastic, and then individually hand-painted, all by Gina Martire herself! It’s incredible stuff!  These bad boys are limited to 15, signed and numbered, so grab ‘em while the grabbin’s good! Happy Halloween, everyone! Watch flicks, imbibe mass quantities of your favorite beverage, eat candy (and nachos) and BE THE VIDEOVORE!

Celebrate the joys of real live rental stores with INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT VIDEO STORE DAY on October 20th, 2012!  

October 19th, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer

It’s almost here, Videovores! Tomorrow, OCTOBER 20th 2012 marks the second anniversary of INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT VIDEO STORE DAY! IIVSD is the annual celebration that pays respect to all of the still kickin’, still rentin’ indie video stores across the globe along with all the killer stores of yore! Over here in Lunchmeat Land we’ll be feasting on snacks o’ plenty, imbibing mass quantities of our favorite beverages and cramming our VCR full’o analog pleasures in remembrance of the rental stores of days gone by as we toast to all the rental palaces that LIVE ON! How are YOU going to honor all of the super-groovy video stores out there? And don’t forget: if you’re fortunate enough to still have a real live rental store in your neighborhood, be sure to groove on down there and give those fine people a ridiculously awesome mega-high-five for keeping the hard media dream alive! Party on, Videovores, and never stop the love! Check out an interview with IIVSD founder Daniel Hanna to learn more about this day of appreciation and celebration HERE. Groove on til you can't no more.


The Wasteland Cometh and with it an ultra-groovy and exclusive analog collaboration with MASSACRE VIDEO! Also on the menu for Wasteland: MIDNIGHT SNACK # 2!
October 2nd, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer


Guh-roovy greetings, my fellow Videovores! This weekend, October 5th, 6th, and 7th, in Strongsville, Ohio the almighty Cinema Wasteland shall commence! Yes, indeed, I’ll be there hanging out at the MASSACRE VIDEO table o’ awesome where you’ll be able to pick up MASSACRE’s newest releases JUNK FILMS and DEMON QUEEN along with a very special limited VHS edition of the pitch black comedy trashterpiece THE UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS! This very special collaboration tape is the first installment of LUNCHMEAT HOME VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT and will be limited to 50 copies featuring fully re-done artwork by Earl Kess, housed in black clamshell cases and laid to purple tapes! You’ll also score a set of die-cut stickers and get this: a cassette with full artwork featuring some of the most bitchin’ tracks from the film! It just may be the coolest thing ever! Oh, and don't forget to pick up THE UNEASY ARCHIVE's newest release: Donald Farmer's SAVAGE VENGEANCE 'cause that'll be hanging out on the table, too!


And since I know you Videovores out there are mad hungry for some video vittles, I’ve prepared a little appetizer called LUNCHMEAT’S MIDNIGHT SNACK for you to nosh on while LUNCHMEAT # 7 is sizzling and popping to perfection in the analog oven. The MIDNIGHT SNACK will feature some VHS-inspired poetry, a flesh-ripping piece on VHS tattoos, an exclusive interview with Lunch Meat director Kirk Alex and lot'sa of other totally rad stuff. No kidding! There’ll be a limited amount of these printed up, and if they don’t sell out at Wasteland, I’ll be throwing the leftovers up on The Meat Market. Stay tuned, Tapeheads, and as always, feed that VCR some mondo magnetic love. See you at Cinema Wasteland! Party Time! Excellent!


The Museum of Arts and Design in New York culminates their VHS Retrospective by unveiling MAD Video!
August 9th, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer


In what just might be the grooviest thing to happen in celebration and appreciation of VHS culture, my good buddy Matt Desiderio of Horror Boobs along with some other avid analog aficionados have created an incredibly spectacular installation at The Museum of Arts and Design in New York as the final segment of its VHS Nostalgia series: a recreation and re-animation of a fully functioning video store! Starting August 2nd and open for business on select dates throughout the next few weeks, you can visit MAD’s 6th Floor Education Center where you can ogle amazing cover artwork, drink in the flood of radical posters and vintage standees, watch movies on site and, yes, even rent a flick or two to take home with you! And there’s no late fees! Fantastic! If you’re in the New York area, this is one VHS appreciation event that is NOT to be missed. Groove on down to MAD and travel back in time! Oh, and if you can't get your buns on down to the store, you can check out some photos and the official commercial advertisement HERE!  VHS lives at MAD Video!


LUNCHMEAT invades Baltimore and spreads the love of analog with VHS/VIP at ARTSCAPE!


July 18th, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer




Greetings, lovers of home video! This coming weekend, July 21st and 22nd, yours truly will be collaborating with local Baltimore filmmaker Chris Lamartina, Rob Hatch of the 48Hour Film Festival and a groovy gang of other VHS aficionados at the nation’s biggest free arts festival: ARTSCAPE! We’ll be running an installation chock full’a VHS nostalgia complete with stacks of old-school televisions running some of the best (and worst!) content from the video age, all pumping through VCRs playing back from actual tapes! Of course! They’ll be lots of VHS-era artwork to ogle and cool people to befriend at the VHS/VIP installation, so if you’re in the Baltimore area this weekend, come on over VHS/VIP and get WEIRD! Groove on, everyone, and keep feedin’ those VCRs! They is hungry!











LUNCHMEAT to present a VHS Retrospective and Theatrical Screening of Charles Kaufman's cult classic MOTHER'S DAY at The Museum of Arts and Design in NY!


June 6, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer




Greetings once again, aficionados of analog awesomeness! Can you believe it? They’re letting VHS into a museum! Pretty groovy, huh!? On Friday June 15th, 2012 I’ll be teaming up with The Museum of Arts and Design in NYC and Troma Entertainment Founder and President Llyod Kaufman to present a theatrical screening and VHS retrospective of the ultimate dysfunctional backwoods family cult classic: Charles Kaufman’ MOTHER’S DAY! This film has been one of my absolute favorites since I was a little Videovore and I’m just utterly thrilled to be able to bring to all the tapeheads out there on the big screen! I’ll be doing a special introduction for the film and will be part of a very groovy Q&A with Uncle LLyodie himself after the picture! The presentation kicks off at 7PM at The Theater at MAD, so don’t miss this extremely rare opportunity to experience this cult classic on the big screen! It’s going to be so bitchin! Click here for information on how to buy tickets, and please spread the love with flyer below! Be sure to check out MAD’s calendar for the entire month of June for a bunch of other VHS-inspired screenings going on including an insane VHS mixtape screening and a presentation of the SOV trashterpiece HELLROLLER, presented by Dan Kinem of VHShitFest!  See you in the theater, Videovores!!   



















The MEAT MARKET is now serving BLOOD VIDEO # 1: a brand spankin' new zine on VHS culture and cult cinema! Check it on out! Your VCR will thank you!




June 1, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer




Whoa, yeah! It's here! Matt Desiderio of HORROR BOOBS VIDEO has stitched together his very first issue of BLOOD VIDEO and it's now available through LUNCHMEAT's very own MEAT MARKET!! This very special first issue features reviews and articles by myself, Mark Freado, Jr of Junk Food Dinner, Johnny Dickie, Dan Kinem of VHShitFest and a bunch of other video obsessed dudes spelling out their love for the almighty VHS format! Articles on Charles Kaufman's MOTHER'S DAY, the VHS only classic TERRORVISION, Something Weird Video and of course reviews of some of our favorite analog treasures abound! Dig this new stack of video vindication! VHS isn't dead! And neither is print! And check out this wicked cover! Groove on, Videovores and feed that VCR! 

















It's time for a celebration of Analog Proportions! SEVERED SINEMA'S 3rd Annual Short Film Fest & FIRST EVER Horror VHS Collectors Unite Convention happens this Saturday, MAY 19th!! TIME TO GROOVE, VIDEOVORES!! 


May 14th, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer


Check your Heads, Videovores!! The time is almost here for the Severed Sinema’s Short Film Fest and FIRST EVER VHS CONVENTION!! This Saturday, May 19th at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA you’ll encounter the theatrical premiere of the VHS-inspired splatterpiece THE TURNPIKE KILLER, The Teenage Videovore Johnny Dickie’s first ever full-length feature SLAUGHTER TALES (Click Johnny’s name for a groovy interview all about the flick!), a slew of independent short films and over 20 vendor tables that’ll be supplying the analog-crazed crowd with all the VHS and groovy goodies you can handle! Doors open at 2:30PM and there will be flicks running the whole day, including a killer short film competition running from 7PM till 11PM where YOU pick the best of the bunch! The winner of the short film contest will be awarded the much coveted Audience Choice Award which in past years was a severed hand rising from the grave and a sick and bloody chainsaw! What will it be this year? I wasn’t allowed to know!! It’s THAT cool! There are A TON of Tapeheads coming from all over and you know there’s going to be an EPIC after party! So, c’mon, Videovores, and don’t miss this amazing opportunity to hang with your Video Brethren! VHShitFest will be there documenting the whole thing as the Horror VHS Collectors unite in person as Salamone’s Buy & Sell,, Horror Boobs, Wild Eye Releasing, Lunchmeat and so many others come together to have the ultimate VHS celebration!! Be there or hear about it later and be like, “Dang, I should’a been there, man!” Groove on, Videovores!! See you at Severed!! For more info, click the hot links in this news post, or just click HERE!      















LUNCHMEAT invades Brooklyn Zine Fest!! Experience the WEIRDNESS - LIVE AND IN PERSON!!


April, 10th  2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer


This SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! April 15th, 2012 Lunchmeat will be haunting a table with our good friends HORROR BOOBS at Brooklyn Zine Fest. There will be TONS of really amazing independent zines chock full of art, writing, photographs and anything and everything else you can put to print. This is a killer opportunity to support indy zines and the fine folks who bring them to life! BZF is an all ages event (21 to drink) and the best part? IT'S FREE! The fest runs from 11am till 6pm, so you can sleep in AND go party later! Come see the sights, read the reads, get some free stuff and stop by the table to say Hell-O! Prove to yourself that print is not dead! Check out for a list of all the rad stuff that'll be happening!! Catch ya later, Tapeheads!













VHS IS HAPPINESS shirts are back in action! Grab one before they grab you! They're just so groovy!


February 23rd, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer


They've returned... and they want YOU to WEAR them! VHS IS HAPPINESS shirts are now back on the menu over in THE MEAT MARKET. So be sure to groove on over and grab yerself some new threads! Oh, and we've cooked up a brand new fun pack with some fresh sticker designs that are sure to hit the spot! And don't forget about those Radical Releasing Company pin sets featuring bitchin' video companies such as Midnight Video, Vestron Video, Thriller Video and a whole bunch of others! Stick 'em on ya! Hope you're feedin' your VCRs a steady diet of analog awesomeness, Videovores! Groove on!





It's time for another dose of Meaty Midnight Madness at SPECTALE THEATER in Brooklyn, NY! SATURDAY, JANUARY 21st shamble on down and take a bite of the UNCUT VHS PRINT of AMERICA'S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO!


January 18, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer


LUNCHMEAT is extremely proud to present one of the most amazing and obscure shot-on-video flicks ever to be laid to tape!! This SATURDAY, JANUARY 21st, at the hour of MIDNIGHT hoist your keister off the couch and get on down to SPECTACLE THEATER to experience the shot-on-video insanity that is AMERICA'S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO! Feast your eyes on the UNCUT VHS PRINT and witness a lovelorn man named Doug (played by Danny Bonaduce PRE-STEROIDS! WHAT?!), and his trusty VHS video camera set out on an adventure across country, but when he runs into a gang of miscreant criminals, Doug finds himself wrapped in a slimy web of robbery, murder and sadism. Will Doug survive these misanthropic thugs and their suicidal lifestyle?! Will he get the girl?! Will he run out of batteries?!!You'll have to watch this amazing piece of video obscurity to find out! Dig it, tapeheads!!


The Spectacle Theatre is located at 124 South 3rd & Bedford Ave in Brooklyn, NY! Check out Spectacle's site for more info and take a look at all the other rad stuff they're doing! I'll be there watching, hanging, snacking and slinging some LUNCHMEAT goodies, so come on out get VHS-ified! Hope to see you there, Videovores!














On JANUARY, FRIDAY THE 13TH, clickity-click on over to for the very first episode of LUNCHMEAT VHS REWIND THEATER! On the menu for tonight's show: VIDEO VIOLENCE... When Renting is not Enough!

January 13, 2012 - Posted by Josh Schafer

That's right, Videovores! Yours truly will be on the world weird web tonight hosting our brand spankin' new online TV show LUNCHMEAT VHS REWIND THEATER! LUNCHMEAT has teamed up with THE MONSTER CHANNEL and CAMP MOTION PICTURES to present  all you crazy tapeheads out there with some of the grooviest shot-on-video and super 8 low-budget trashterpieces this side of the galaxy! We've got an entire season in store for you, so be sure to tune into every Friday night at the hour of Midnight to catch me presenting films like CANNIBAL CAMPOUT, GHOUL SCHOOL, WOODCHIPPER MASSACRE and tons of other low-budget awesomeness for you to munch and crunch on! You don't wanna miss this stuff!  Keep feedin' that VCR, tapeheads. You know it's hungry!







It's time for MORE MIDNIGHT MADNESS at Spectacle Theater!  LUNCHMEAT is proud to present the UNCUT VHS PRINT of the cult trash classic DESERT SNOW!!

December 12, 2011 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Do you like Blood? Drugs? Violence? Hot chicks fellating handguns? We thought you did! This Friday, December 16th at Spectacle Theater, there'll be all that and much more starting at the mystical and magical hour of midnight! This is your  once in a lifetime chance to see this amazingly awesome trashterpiece on the big screen. Holy chit - it's that cool! We ain't kiddin!

The Spectacle Theatre is located at 124 South 3rd & Bedford Ave in Brooklyn, NY! Check out Spectacle's site for more info and take a look at all the other rad stuff they're doing! Don't forget: DESERT SNOW starts at Midnight this Friday DEC 16, so be there or be somewhere else not as cool! Also, LUNCHMEAT # 6 will be on sale at the theater, so if you haven't picked up your copy yet, come and get a bite! Get on down to the SpectacleTheater this Friday DEC 16th and feast your eyes on DESERT SNOW! See ya there, Videovores!!






Lunchmeat # 6 is ready to be devoured! Come and get it,Videovores!!

November 25, 2011 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Just in time for... Thanksgiving?! That's right, tapeheads! We hope you saved some room 'cause LM # 6 is now being served over in The Meat Market!  This issue is limited to 1000 copies, so be sure to grab one before they're all gobbled up! If you have a subscription with us, you rule, and your issue is on its way to your mail receptacle! Dig it! VHS is not a dead format!!




It's Time for Another Midnight Screening at Spectacle Theater! On the menu: The UNCUT VHS print of Wheels of Fire!

November 22, 2011 - Posted by Josh Schafer

After you've stuffed yourself full'a good eats, roll yourself on over to Spectacle Theater for a Mad Max rip-off unlike any other!

Directed by trash film auteur Cirio H. Santiago, Wheels of Fire is one of those post-apocalyptic romps filled with souped-up killer cars, bitchin' ass explosions and scantily clad babes o' plenty! The print being shown is taken directly from the original VHS, so if you're in the Brooklyn area, don't miss your chance to see this rare and awesome flick on the big screen! HUGE thanks and lots of VHS love to Matt and & Jeff from for holding it down for me up there while I'm out of state for the Holiday! Rock n' Roll, VHS Brethren and Happy Turkey Day!

The Spectacle Theatre is located at 124 South 3rd & Bedford Ave in Brooklyn and the show begins at Midnight on Friday November 25th - Mosey on down and get exploded!






It's a Midnight Screening of NIGHT OF THE DEMON:  UNCUT VHS PRINT!


Sept 25, 2011 - Posted by Josh Schafer

Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine & Horror Boobs present a triple feature to rip out your guts! Hoohah!

We're back at the Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn, NY to bring you the ultra-eerie and totally underrated euro thriller Messiah of Evil, the gotta-see grindhouse classic Driller Killer and a very special midnight presentation of the sasquatchploitation trash gem: Night of the Demon! This is the UNCUT VHS version! Too cool!

The Spectacle Theatre is located at 124 South 3rd & Bedford Ave in Brooklyn and the show begins at 7:30 P.M. on Saturday, OCT 1 - Come on down and get WEIRD!










Gimme a V! Gimme a H! Gimme a S!


July 27, 2011 - Posted by Video Dead


For those of you who missed out on the Destroy All VHS event at Nitehawk back in July, you're getting a second chance! 


VHS VaultWild Eye Releasing, Horror Boobs, and Lunchmeat are all back together for another AWESOME themed evening! This time around, we're taking you back to school like Rodney!


On Thursday, August 25th, starting at 9:30pm - it's all going down at the Nitehawk Theater again -- located at 136 Metropolitan Avenue (btwn Berry & Wythe) in good old Brooklyn. We're showing King Frat from the year of my birth, 1979. It's gonna get real rowdy up in this bitch!


Horror Boobs is doing another game show; we're gonna have a merch table again with a ton of stuff (I personally am bringing a load of VHS tapes from my collection for sale or trade). There will be brews, babes, and . . . well, more brews! It's gonna be like the college days all over again. And did we mention it's FREE?


Hope to see you there, Sorority Girls & Boys!


- John (Video Dead)








Lunchmeat & Horror Boobs Present: Blood Diner


July 27, 2011 - Posted by Lunchmeat


We're back at the Spectacle in August for another choice cut of rare meat! On Friday August 12, 2011 Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine & Horror Boobs present: Lunchmeat Live Vol. 2 - Blood Diner. The Spectacle Theatre is located at 124 South 3rd & Bedford Ave in Brooklyn. Show starts at midnight.








Lunchmeat Presents: The Video Dead @ Spectacle Theatre, Brooklyn NY


July 15, 2011 - Posted by Lunchmeat


This weekend, Saturday July 16th, at the Spectacle Theatre in Brooklyn (located at 124 South 3rd & Bedford), Lunchmeat is hosting the first edition of "Lunchmeat Live." We will be showing The Video Dead at midnight. Admission is only 5 smackers & we're also celebrating John's birthday! Cans of PBR & popcorn will be on sale, as well as t-shirts & other Lunchmeat goodies! Hope to see you all there!










Destroy All VHS


June 30, 2011


Summer time & the livin's easy! On Sunday, July 10th, Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine joins forces with Nitehawk Cinema to bring you a night of destruction! Destroy All VHS kicks off at 10:00pm @ 136 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. We hope to see you there! We'll have a table set up with t-shirts, stickers & promo goodies, and copies of the issue for sale, alongside our friends from Horror Boobs!


Then, on Saturday, July 16th, Lunchmeat is back again for a special midnight showing of The Video Dead to celebrate John's birthday! It's all goin down at the Spectacle Theater - located at 124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York - between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street.


And if you want to bring John a copy of Buried Alive (the Thriller big box VHS release) he won't be mad . . .






It's Official! Lunchmeat's got a website!



We bid welcome to one and all you Videovores out there to the Official Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine website! As you can see, we've got quite a bit cookin' with our little slice of the internet: you'll be able to get to know the fine people who help stitch Lunchmeat together by visiting the Kitchen Staff section, browse our cover gallery by clicking on the Meat Locker (which lists the content for all of the issues, and even gives you a chance to take a look at some OOP material!), and we've even gathered some Spare Parts and thrown together a little blog for you guys to nibble on while we're preparing the main course o'Meat! Now I'm gonna throw this out there just for clarity's sake: Lunchmeat is still first and foremost, without a doubt, no buts about it a PRINT ZINE. We just thought getting a website would be the best thing to do to keep in touch with our readership and keep you tapeheads informed about the progress of the newest issue (#6 is in the designing stages right now - get pumped!), reprints and all the other fun and weird stuff that happens over here in Lunchmeat Land. You can contact us through here anytime and tell us about your favorite flick, ask us a burning question, or just type out some heavy breathing in an email (this is not recommended, but will not be turned away). So now, just consider to be the hub for all updates, news and communications. It's the place to be, dig? Oh, and be sure to check out the Meat Market which will now be the best place to grab all things Lunchmeat. There are a couple new and groovy things in there along the available issues if you haven't picked them up yet! And again, please be sure to check back every now and then to get the latest news on all things LM and give us a shout anytime!


Enjoy the new website, Videovores! And keep feeding that VCR!


JS / Ed-in-Chief